Save the factory, Save the operator

Save the factory, Save the operator JUKI supports the sewing production floors fighting COVID-19.

COVID-19 brought a drastic change that the sewing industry never experienced before.
JUKI believes it is our mission to offer services and supports to help our sewing customers
to continue manufacturing products in this difficult challenge.
This page explains "proposals for security and safe in workspace" and "remote online support".
Please contact JUKI for details.

1. Protect confidence in factories and safety of employees

As telework is difficult for production floors, it is important to continue factory operation while protecting employees' safety by improving sanitary management at the workspaces.
JUKI offers various sanitary management items, including virus infection prevention measures.

E.g.: Thermometer with face recognition authenticationE.g.: Thermometer with face recognition authentication

2. Remote online support

JUKI accelerates its proposal activities using online meeting systems
In addition, JUKI welcomes inquiries for our products and services via Web forms.

Inquiry Form

Helpful contents

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