1-needle, High Post-bed, Unison Feed, Lockstitch Machine

The high post-bed machine is best-suited to the 3-dimensional sewing of bags, etc. The sharp-curve sewing PLC-1691 (with a vertical-axis standard hook) is also introduced.

Product features

  • Thanks to its high post-bed, the machine can flexibly respond to difficult processes

    The newly developed high post-bed machine has a post with a compact-finished top to support difficult sewing processes that conventional machines can't handle such as bottom sewing or gore sewing. The distance from the needle entry to the right end of the bed, the most important design feature of the machine, is as short as 2.8 mm. The PLC-1690 comes in two different types: one with a "flat-surface type (S)" and another with a "curved-surface type (A)."  You can select the type that best fits your needs.

    The PLC-1691 is provided with a vertical-axis standard hook and the top end of its post is minimized in size. With its outstanding sharp-curve sewing capability and operability, the machine is ready to sew diversely designed articles such as bags with narrow gores.

Basic performance

  • Full-featured basic performance

    The machine is designed to handle the basic processes required for the sewing of bags.  With the new increase in the alternating vertical movement of the walking foot and presser foot to a maximum of 7mm, the machine can now handle sewing materials with many multi-layered portions. In addition, the lift of the presser foot is large* enough to allow the operator to easily set and remove sewing materials on the machine.
    *PLC-1690S:15mm PLC-1690A, PLC-1691:10.5mm

  • The machine head structure delivers upgraded operability

    A bobbin winder is mounted on the front surface of the machine arm. Stitch length can be adjusted with the stitch dial. In addition, the large-sized handwheel (φ175) can be easily turned by the operator when performing one-stitch sewing.


Model name PLC-1690S
(Throat plate: Flat-surface type)
(Throat plate: Curved-surface type)
Max. sewing speed 1,600sti/min*
Max. stitch length 6mm (Normal/Reverse feed)
Needle bar stroke 38mm 36mm
Lift of the presser foot By knee: 15mm
By hand: 10mm
By knee: 10.5mm
By hand: 5.5mm
Post height 420mm 424.5mm
Post position Left
Thread take-up Slide type
Alternating vertical movement 2 ~ 7mm
Hook Vertical-axis
1.6-fold capacity hook
standard hook
Needle SCHMETZ 134×35R  Nm100~Nm140 (Standard Nm120)
Thread #30 ~ #8 (Japanese yarn count)
Safety device for hook Provided as standard
Bobbin winder Built on the machine arm
Lubrication By an oiler
Weight of the machine head 57kg

* “sti/min” stands for “Stiches per Minute”

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