Computer-controlled Cycle Machine with Input Function

Sewing area 300 x 200mm

Product features

Basic performance

  • Fabric presser with optimal pressure

    A new motion control allows the presser foot to press down on various types of fabric, from thin to thick materials, with optimal pressure.


  • Optimizes thread tightness in all stitching directions

    This function reduces variation in tightness according to the stitching direction and improve quality.

  • Faster and more attractive

    The world’s highest class of actual sewing speed is achieved (as of April 2020).
    Curves and large seams can be sewn quickly and beautifully.

  • Automatic checking of setting mistakes

    The sewing machine checks the thickness of the fabric and detects setting mistakes prior to sewing.
    The oiling timing of the hook is digitized to ensure proper oiling and prevent excessive oil use.

  • Excellent energy-saving effects

    The new arm bed structure and new XY feed control realize low vibration and low sound, and thereby realize energy savings.

  • Stable thread interlocking from the first stitch

    “Stitch interlock faults” are resolved by minimizing the flapping of fabric at the start of stitching.

  • Detects stitching errors*

    In addition to visual detection by the operator, stitch errors (skipped stitches, thread breaks) are detected by the machine to help discover defective items.
    *This function does not warranty all abnormal stitch detections. Depending on the sewing conditions, there may be undetected or false detection.

  • Neat corners by anyone

    Corner stitches, start of stitching and end of stitching can be adjusted intuitively.

  • Faster adjustment of presser foot height

    The height of the presser foot is adjusted after automatically measuring the overall fabric thickness along the stitching pattern.

  • Faster adjustment and reproduction of past adjustments

    The hook, presser foot, and thread trimmer are digitally adjusted.


Model PLK-J2516-YU PLK-J2516R-YU
Stitching style Single-needle lockstitch
Hook Double-capacity shuttle hook Double-capacity rotary hook
Needle DP x 17 #18
Max. speed (Note 1) Intermittent feed 2,300 sti/min*, Continuous feed 2,300 sti/min*
Feeding system Intermittent or continuous (switchover method)
Stitch length 0.1 to 20.0mm (min. resolution 0.1mm)
最大針数 20,000針/パターン数
Max. patterns (Note 2) 9,000
Memory medium USB flash memory
Work holder Air cylinder drive
Thread break detection,
skipped stitch detection (Note 3)
Option available (MP-J25-AD)
Outline dimensions 1,200 x 1,144 x 1,230mm (WxDxH)
Mass 187kg
Power supply 200 to 240V single-phase/three-phase

* sti/min is the abbreviation for “stitches per minute”
Note 1: Sewing speed may be limited by the type of sewing material, presser weight, stitch length, etc.
Note 2: Max. patterns may be limited depending on the number of stitches per pattern in the memory.
Note 3: Detection of all stitch errors is not guaranteed. Always complete adjustments according to the stitching conditions before use.