Electronically Controlled Pattern Sewing Machines

Special semi-rotation hook (with bobbin removal mechanism)

Product features

  • Easy-to-use G Series functions are incorporated

    Compatible with extra thick materials
    Suitable for stitching safety belts, slings, bags, tents, backpacks, sheets, loading container belts, etc.
    With ultra-thick thread trimmer
    With ultra-thick needle thread/bobbin thread trimmer using heat cutter.

Basic performance

  • Beautiful stitches

    Improvements to the rigidity of the presser foot mechanism and feed mechanism coupled with the latest feed control (feedback control) ensure beautiful and accurate stitches from low to high speed, such as for corners and straight seam lines according to sewing data. In addition, the use of both rotary and shuttle hooks provides stable stitching depending on the fabric that is sewn.

  • Powerful needle penetration force

    Equipped with an improved 750W direct servo motor, this series realizes one of the strongest needle penetration force in the industry. Stitching can be performed easily even at low speeds (200 sti/min*) for thread trimming and start of stitching, which are conventionally difficult.* sti/min is the abbreviation for “stitches per minute”

  • Programmable presser foot height control

    This series is equipped with a function for programming the presser foot height. Changing the presser foot height according to the thickness of the material can prevent skipped stitches and thread breaks. The programmed presser foot height is stored in the stitching data; therefore, the presser foot height does not need to be adjusted even if the thickness of the material varies by the stitching pattern.

  • Improved work efficiency

    Use of USB memory and a high-speed processing system greatly reduces the time required to input and correct pattern data with a large number of stitches, which used to be time consuming. In addition, the jog key ensures speedy clamp movement for improved work efficiency.

  • Compatible with extra-thick materials (equipped with an extra-thick thread trimmer)

    This is ideal for stitching safety belts, suspension fittings, and sling belts for lifting. Thread fraying is prevented by an extra-thick needle thread and bobbin thread trimmer that uses a heat cutter.


Model PLK-G2008H PLKG2008H-BTRM
Stitching style Single-needle lockstitch
Hook Special semi-rotation hook (with bobbin removal mechanism)
Needle 794 #230
Max. speed (Note 1) Intermittent feed 700 sti/min*, Continuous feed 700 sti/min*
Feeding system Intermittent or continuous (switchover method) * Intermittent recommended
Stitch length 0.1 to 20.0mm (min. resolution 0.1mm)
Max. stitches 20,000 stitches/pattern
Max. patterns (Note 2) 900/internal memory
Memory medium USB flash memory (not provided with sewing machine) (USB-connected floppy disk drive may also be used)
Work holder Pneumatic
Zoom function 10 to 200% per X/Y axis (variable by 0.1% step)
Outer presser foot lift stroke Max. 20mm
Thread cutting system Heat cut system Heat cut system (lower thread cutting only)
Presser foot lift stroke 25mm
Main shaft motor XL-G554-20(Y)
Operation panel 5.7-inch LCD touch panel, white LED backligh
Outline dimensions 1,200 x 780 x 1,320mm (WxDxH) (not including thread stand)
Mass 172kg 170kg
Power supply 200 to 240V single-phase/three-phase

​* sti/min is the abbreviation for “stitches per minute”
Note 1: Sewing speed may be limited by the type of sewing material, presser weight, stitch length, etc.
Note 2: Max. patterns may be limited depending on the number of stitches per pattern in the memory.