Feed-off-the-arm, Double Chainstitch Machine

The machine is the leading double chainstitch machine for heavy-weight materials and achieves higher efficiency in operation and higher quality of finished products.

Product features

  • The looper tucks the thread without fail, thereby preventing stitch skipping

    The placement of the feed mechanism has been charged to decrease the feed amount when the needle enters the material, thus preventing the needle from bending. The bobbin thread is clamped without fail, thereby producing consistent thread loops. The looper tucks the needle thread without fail, thereby finishing uniform seams.

Basic performance

  • The feed mechanism smoothly feeds the material, thereby allowing the machine to finish seams with consistency

    The number of teeth of the feed dog has been increased so that it can easily catch overlapping material. The shape of the presser foot has been modified to prevent single-sided contact with the overlapped part. The movable needle guard (rear) is provided with a vertical adjusting mechanism. These features contribute to smoother feed of heavy-weight materials, thereby preventing stitch skipping.

  • The machine provides beautifully-finished seams even when heavy-weight material is used

    Thanks to the thread guide located between the needle bar thread take-up and the intermediate tension release lever, the timing to tense the needle thread can be changed and the bobbin thread tension can be decreased. As a result, the machine is capable of beautiful finished stitches with a soft appearance even when heavy-weight material is used.

  • The machine prevents uneven material feed

    Differences in height between the feed dog and the sole of the presser foot can be appropriately specified and adjusted in accordance with the material thickness. Folders allow the material to be smoothly fed and the cloth puller (optional) has improved fulcrum so that it can run on the material and prevent uneven material feed.


Model name MS-1261M MS-1261
Application For medium- to heavy-weight materials For extra heavy-weight materials for jeans
No. of needle 3
Max. sewing speed 3,600sti/min (normal 3,000sti/min)*
Needle bar stroke 33.2mm
(at the time of delivery)
ORGAN UY×128GAS-NY (#19)
ORGAN UY×128GAS-NY (#21)
Needle gauge 5.6mm (7/32"), 6.4mm (1/4"), 7.2mm (9/32"), 8.0mm (5/16"), 9.6mm (3/8")
Stitch length 1.4~4.2mm
Lift of the presser foot 10mm
Thread take-up lever Needle bar thread take-up lever
Circumference of tube at the needle entry 190mm
Needle guard Backward travelling needle guard
Stitch adjusting system By push-button (with locking mechanism)
Lubrication Semi-automatic lubrication
Lubricating oil JUKI New Defrix Oil No.1 (equivalent to ISO VG7)

*"sti/min" stands for "Stitches per Minute."

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