1-needle, Double Chainstitch Machine

The machine comes with a silicon oil lubricating unit, thread spreading mechanism and thread trimming mechanism which trims the thread without fail, thereby consistently ensuring beautifully-finished seams for light- to medium-weight materials.

Product features

  • The machine is provided with mechanisms to enable upgraded sewing

    The machine comes with a thread spreading mechanism and an adjustable needle guard to prevent stitch skipping. The thread clamp mechanism, tension release mechanism and needle thread draw-out mechanism enable the machine to leave thread of a uniform length after thread trimming, and prevent slip-off of the needle thread. All of these mechanisms contribute to upgraded sewing.

Basic performance

  • Safety stitching or reverse feed stitching with a simple lever operation

    Safety stitching (condensation stitching) the perfect method of preventing loose stitches, or reverse feed stitching (back-tacking) can be alternated through the simple adjustment of the stopper of the reverse feed lever. Either sewing method can be used.

  • Beautifully finished seams

    Provided with a sliding presser foot and a silicone oil lubricating unit as standard, stitch skipping and puckering are prevented. Furthermore, the silicone oil lubricating unit prevents the needle from overheating, and allows foundation yarn or synthetic thread to be used without breakage during sewing. These features assure beautifully finished seams with consistency for light- to medium-weight materials.



Model name MH-481 MH-481-5(4)
Feed system Bottom-feed
Max. sewing speed 5,500rpm
Stitch length 1~4mm
Top-feed amount -
Differential-feed ratio -
Lift of the presser foot By hand: 5mm, By knee: 10mm
Needle bar stroke 30mm
Needle (at the time of delivery) TV × 7 (#11) #9~#18
Stitch length adjustment By dial
Safety stitch Condensation stitch/reverse stitching (by feed lever)
Looper system Inclined crank
Looper stroke 21.5mm
Looper stroke of the front and rear 2.1~3.3mm
Speed control - *(1)
Lubrication Automatic
Lubricating oil JUKI New Defrix Oil No.1 (equivalent to ISO VG7)
Motor output - 750W
Power requirement - Single-phase, 3-phase
Power consumption - Rating 425VA

*(1) From 500rpm to the Max. sewing speed determined by the pulley used (externally adjustable)



Model name MH-481 MH-481-5(4) Remarks
Condensation stitch Provide Provide Use the reverse stitching lever
Adjust the stopper
Reverse stitch Provide Provide
Thread clamp device - Provide  
Needle thread releasing device - Provide  
Needle thread drow-out mechanism - Provide  
Thread spreader Provide Provide  
Movable needle guard Provide Provide  
Sliding presser - Provide  
Chain-off thread presser Provide - Chain-off thread presser foot for the MH-480 series
Silicon oil lubricating unit Provide Provide Provided as standard (packed together with accessories)