Factory support utilizing the latest technology

Factory support utilizing the latest technology


We constantly strive to improve customer satisfaction, work to prevent problems and ensure product quality.

Remote support

We are pursuing reforms to improve the level of satisfaction with our after-sales services, with an eye to overcoming the current situation.
The downtime from the dispatch of engineers to restoration is long for visits, which are part of the service work.
In addition, recent restrictions on visits to epidemics have become a barrier.
Remote support makes it possible to solve problems faster.


Remote access to local machines makes it faster and easier to analyze problems, review data, and solve problems.

  • Remote Recovery Support for Defects
  • Backward support for work in specialized fields
  • Supporting Analysis in Acquisition of Primary Information up to Dispatch
  • Establishment of maintenance measures by dense avoidance during epidemics

Data collection is essential to solve a variety of issues, but sometimes it is also necessary to collect information visually.
Highly skilled technicians can understand problems more completely with tools such as cameras and smart glasses to provide faster solutions.

  • Remote resolution of problems
  • Backward support for work in specialized/simplified areas
  • Supporting Analysis in Acquisition of Primary Information up to Dispatch
  • Establishment of maintenance measures by dense avoidance during epidemics
  • Guided support even for inexperienced operators
  • Reduced costs by providing remote training

Annual support for appearance inspection machines

This is a solution for further use of visual inspection machines and support for each problem and problem.

We will propose and support not only the start-up at the time of introduction, but also the preparation of inspection data for new models, brush-up, and operation aspects.

Effects of cases

  • Flexible support for special inspections and new inspection items.
  • Skills can be improved to improve over-judgement countermeasures and inspection accuracy.
  • It is also effective when it is difficult to determine the number of man-hours in the company.

To customers using JUKI mounting machines

Users who have been using the product for more than 10, 15, or 20 years have difficulty obtaining repair parts in the event of failure.Longer downtime and higher repair costs due to a decrease in the number of skilled workers.
For customers who exceed EOSL deadline
Proposal proposals for new renewal are based on various initiatives to reduce downtime.

End of Service Life
① Improvement of production capacity and quality by replacing aging machines with new equipment, and reform of production control

② 25 years have passed since the introduction.Increase in equipment failure and anxiety.New renewal is not budgeted.Introduction of successor model made in 2007.
Improved sense of security

Efficient operation

Case outline
15 years have passed since the introduction, and quality maintenance and future developments in aging machines have been examined, and the newest models have been introduced after replacement with aging machines.
By introducing our newest system software JaNets, we have created a network for managing in-plant facilities that we have never before been able to do.
With the evolution of the operating system in the marketplace, we have introduced a JaNetsSystem that has followed and evolved in the marketplace. This has led to the introduction of the entire production floor,
The management efficiency improvement of the production information over the diversity was established.

Benefits of cases

New renewal is not budgeted.Introduction of successor model made in 2007. Improved sense of security.

Case outline
Failure of the aging equipment which passed 25 years of introduction (made in 1995) increased, and the situation in which the availability of repair parts was also difficult continued.Consult with you about fears about the future because it is difficult to formulate a production plan.
The new renewal proposal was expensive, and the anxiety was solved.
Under such circumstances, it became possible to introduce in-house product successor models, which are not the latest but can be proposed within the budget, and the introduction became possible.

  • Higher repair charges
  • Impact of confidence relationships with suppliers
  • Production planning impossible
  • No service parts

  • Reduced repair frequency and controlled costs
  • Improve relationships of confidence with suppliers
  • Reliable production plan
  • Service parts can be supplied
  • Increased production capacity

Benefits of cases
Although this may be a case in time, we will make every effort to make it possible for our suppliers to propose solutions to customer issues from the information network.
Even for aging models, we can consult with you without hesitation, for example, by increasing the number of models or by obtaining them.
I would like to ask for your continued contact with our products for a long time.