3D solder paste inspection machine (SPI)
3D board visual inspection machine (AOI)

Overwhelming speed
Remarkable accuracy

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  • Overwhelming speed
    Large improvement in inspection tact with high-pixel (12 million pixels)
  • Remarkable accuracy
    Using high-resolution lenses improves inspection accuracy of ultracompact components
  • Ease of use of rating
    Process modes that are easy to use and create,from beginners to senior citizens
  • Visual inspection automation
    RV series, which can also be used for measurement
  • For improving the efficiency of the entire plant
    Achieving the efficiency of the entire factory through system linkage


Board size Standard: 50mm×50mm-410mm×590mm
Long board: 50mm×50mm-650mm×590mm*1
Marking unit: 50mm×50mm-330mm×590mm
Test resolution 12 μm (standard resolution) / 5 μm (high resolution)*1
Image angle 48.0×36.0mm, 20.0×15.0mm*1
Inspection items Shorting, shear, polarity, side-reverse, unsoldered solder, bridge, solder quantity, insertion part omission, character recognition*1
Inspection speed
(Optimum condition)
3D 61.8cm²/sec

*1 This can be done with the optional.