Automation initiatives

Automation initiatives

We are working on automation systems and automation systems, as well as individual product development, in order to meet the challenges of increasing productivity, conserving labor, eliminating skills, making it easier to work, improving quality, and conserving space that customers need.The total solution of evolving JUKI supports productivity improvement across the entire floor.

ISM use example 1.: Saving space

Reel warehouse with large storage space

Space efficiency

Large-capacity, smart warehouse management

Example 2 of ISM use: Automatic picking to save labor

Take out each reel by checking the number.
Robotic automatic picking

No operator required while in and out of warehouse

  • Eliminate part picking errors
  • The first-in, first-out parts can be shipped from the warehouse.

Example 3 of ISM use: Achieving Smart by System Network

The machine and system are not connected.

Smart through IoT and Network Collaboration

Example 4 of ISM use: Humidity control in parts warehouse

Vacuum packed parts

No need for aluminum packing of MSD parts
  • Maintain 5% hereinafter
  • No vacuum pack required
  • MSD parts can also be managed in case.

RV series example 1.: Feedback from the inspection machine to the printer

Print position shift!

The land solder cannot be printed correctly due to shrinkage or lot of the substrate itself.

The inspection machine detects the misalignment of the printer and transmits the information to the printer.
In addition, the inspection machine will take the control tower and take the necessary actions (operation stop, cleaning, warning display, print position correction, etc.) and automatically execute the set actions.


Print position shift!

Failure of self-alignment due to misalignment

Position shift detected by SPI is fed forward to the mounting unit.

High-precision mounting can be achieved by automatically correcting the mounting position.

Examples of JM Series Use: Achieving Personnel Savings

Conditions that require a large number of workers

Manual insertion workers can be reduced.