Optimization system solution

Core system linkage


Customer concerns

  • The parts management is not put into a database.
  • We want to bring out the necessary number of parts in the production line considering them as well
  • You want to use the currently used shelf as well.
  • We want to operate it in cooperation with other systems such as production control systems
  • Manual parts transportation work
  • There are many chocolate stops due to shortage of parts during production, and the operation rate is poor.
  • We want to check the production status and perform remote control at a place away from the production site


Customer feedback after introduction

  • By analyzing it with a ISM, it was possible to reduce unnecessary delivery components.
  • Real-time delivery is possible according to the number of parts required for on-site production
  • System coordination enables the use of existing shelves
  • Since it was possible to cooperate with various facilities and systems, and a large system change was also not necessary, it was able to smoothly introduce it.
  • Automated transfer by AGV was realized.
  • Automatic delivery of parts shortage warning has greatly reduced the stopping time.
  • Multiple operations became possible by workers
  • Remote operation was possible from a smartphone or smartwatch.

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