inspection and measurement system

inspection and measurement system

What is an inspection and measurement system?

Inspection and measurement systems are highly accurate machines used to check quality of materials in a reliable, automated way.

Ideal for the following uses

  1. Automate visual inspection
  2. Decrease inspection time
  3. Need inline inspection or measurement
  4. Perform 100% inspection on all parts
  5. Need to eliminate quality variations
  6. Need numerical data on all measurement results
  7. Need to begin dimensional measurement
  8. Need records of all inspections
  9. Need to improve quality without hiring skilled workers
  10. Want to automate inspection process
  11. Have difficulty hiring qualified workers

Example applications

Machined part inspection

Accurate inspection of shape and condition

Medical device inspection

High precision inspection of advanced medical equipment and devices

Automotive parts inspection

Ideal for inspection of critical precision parts to ensure high quality and prevent defects.

Main Features

Quantify inspection results

  • Reduced variations due to operator characteristics.

Reduced inspection time

  • Predictable and faster inspection time when human elements are removed.
  • Allows 100% inspection instead of random sampling.

Full automation of inspection process

  • In-line inspection for automated production
  • Automated visual inspection and measurement
  • Automatic recording of inspection and measurement results reduces labor requirement for data keeping
  • Integration with existing software to provide more details collected in one place.

100% in-line inspection

Case Studies

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