For those who seek for highest quality and productivity beyond the current equipment and automated machines,"JTRON" provides high operability and quality satisfying professionals.

JUKI is always pursuing not only high functions and performances, but also high productivity in processes.
"JTRON" is now released as one of the above solutions.

J in JTRON stands for "J" in JUKI and JAPAN, TRON derives from a Greek suffix meaning "Tools" and "Equipment".
We put the spirits of JUKI and JAPAN into the equipment and automated machines named by JTRON.

The products achieve high reliability by incorporating with JUKI's approved quality sewing machines.
Only JUKI highly knowledgeable in sewing processes can provide this ideal operability.

*** Attention!!
As the products have and will be developed and manufactured in accordance with the above concept, the products are not qualified as "JUKI ECO PRODUCTS".
The products can only be marketed and used in the countries where there are no legal laws, regulations and standards, etc. which restrict sales and use of the products.