Make your own work with letter stitches!
Computer sewing machine with 116 sewing patterns and 2 fonts of letters with auto thread trimming function.


Auto Thread Trimming Function

One single action automatically trims both upper and lower threads at the same time. It eliminates waste of your thread and time!


Thread cutter button


Automatically trims the upper and lower threads.

Direct Pattern Selection

Here are 10 types of stitch patterns, from which you can choose one by directly pushing the pattern button.


10 direct stitch patterns

Sew Comfortably!

Start/Stop Button

The color of the start/stop button indicates the status of the machine.
[Green] Ready to start or while sewing
[Red] Not ready to start
[Orange] In bobbin winding condition

Start/Stop Button

Indicate status in three colors

Quick Bobbin Preparation

The bobbin preparation is easy. Just follow the guide and it is not necessary to pull up the bobbin thread.


Auto Needle Threader

The needle threader easily threads the needle and allows you to start sewing quickly.


Lock Stitch/Pattern Completion Lock Stitch

You can sew locking stitch(3 stitches) just by pressing the button at the beginning or end of sewing.
If you press the button while sewing a pattern, the machine stops after sewing one cycle of the pattern.


Sew Firm!


Needle Up/Down Position Button

Press the button to change up/down position of needle instantly.
Also you can change needle stop position and can even sew a half stitch.


Presser Foot Pressure

When sewing thin or thick fabrics, you can get comfortable feed.



HZL-HT740 sews the buttonhole automatically according to the size of the button.

Sew Fun!


Size of Stitch Pattern and Needle Position

You can change the size of stitch patterns as well as the needle positions.


Letters and One Point Stitch Patterns

HZL-HT740 can sew both letters and patterns. Also you can memory letters and one unit of the pattern as you desire.


Elongation Patterns

You can change the overall length without changing the sewing density of pattern.

Other Features

・ Free Arm
・ Drop-in Bobbin
・ Drop Feed
・ Easy to Start Sewing Thick Fabrics
・ Button Sewing
・ Reverse Button
・ LED Lighting
・ Sound Button


Foot controller with needle up and down feature


Stitch Pattern Plate




A: Standard Presser Foot
B: Zipper Foot
C: Satin Stitch Foot
D: Overcasting Foot
E: Blind Hem Foot
F: Button Sewing Foot
G: Buttonhole Foot
H: Seam Ripper/Brush
I: Screwdriver(L & S)
J: Second Spool Pin
K: Pack of Needles (3x)
L:Edge/Quilting Guide
M: Spool Holder(L&S)
N: Spool Pin Felt
O: Stitch Pattern Plate Clip
P: Bobbin (3x)



Wide Table


Twin Needle



Control system(Arm size)Computer (Arm Size 165㎜)
Dimensions425(W) x 300(H) x 170(D)mm
Maximum sewing speed70-800 sti/min
Number of stitch patterns116 and Alphabetic/numeric font:2
ButtonholeAutomatic Buttonhole Length: - 3.0cm
Direct stitch pattern selection
Start/stop buttonGreen: Ready to start and/or while sewing Red: Not ready to start Orange: Machine is in bobbin winding condition
Adjustable starting / reverse stitch speed-
Auto thread trimming
Thread cutter
Automatic needle threader
Thread tension systemStandard
Needle up/down button〇 (Needle stop position switching)
Low-speed inching sewing-
Needle stop positionUp
Needle stop position switching〇 (Needle up/down button)
Lock stitchReverse stitch (Button system) Reinforcement stitch (Button system)
Feed mechanism7 point feed dog
JUKI Smart Feed (dual feed function)-
Presser foot pressure adjustmentStepless adjustment
Auto presser foot lift system-
Function to straight-line stitching-
Presser foot pivot function-
Presser foot lift (1 step/2 steps)Lever system: 6mm / 11mm
Horizontal presser foot holder button
Drop feed
Quick bobbin preparation
Easy bobbin winding (Bobbin winder with independent motor)-
Bobbin thread detection-
Stitch lengthButton system / LCD numerical display Max. 4.5mm
Stitch widthButton system / LCD numerical display Max. 7mm
Number of needle position (straight stitch/other than straight stitch)15 / -
Pattern reverseleft/right
Twin needle sewing〇 (Twin needle is option)
Lock mode-
Save/call of patterns2 patterns
Light1 LED light
Type of hookHorizontal hook
Free arm
Cord reel-
Knee lifting lever-
Foot controller
Wide tableOption
Accessory storageAuxiliary bed
Sewing machine coverSoft cover
Operation supportYouTube
Supported languages-
Accessories (presser feet)Standard Presser Foot Zipper Foot Satin stitch foot Overcasting foot Blind hem foot Button sewing foot Buttonhole foot
Other accessories_1Seam ripper/brush Screwdriver(L & S) Second spool pin Pack of needle (3x) Edge/quilting guide Spool holder(L&S) Spool pin felt Stitch pattern plate clip Bobbin (3x) Soft Cover
Other accessories_2


Standard Presser Foot

It can be used to sew lightweight to heavyweight materials.The wide needle entry opening allows this presser foot to be used for a variety of fabrics and applications, from straight stitches to zigzag stitches.Press the black button to keep the presser foot horizontal in order to smoothly begin sewing at a thick seam.


Overcasting Presser Foot (Overedge Foot)

Sew with the edges of the fabric aligned with the guide. The prong in the opening of the presser foot presses down the edge of the fabric to prevent puckering. In addition, the amount of thread going into the stitching is adjusted by the thread crossing the prong, creating a clean finish with little shrinkage. This presser foot cannot be used to sew zigzag stitches or overcasting by 5-point zigzag.

Buttonhole Presser Foot

You can sew buttonholes of the appropriate size by simply placing the button in the button holder of the presser foot.


Decorate Stitch Presser Foot (Manual BH Presser Foot/Satin Stitch Foot)

The groove along the bottom of this presser foot ensures that the presser foot does not catch on the stitching, ensuring the fabric will be smoothly fed. Use to accurately sew a buttonhole near a thick seam that is hard to reach. Also Used to Manually Create Oversize Buttonholes.


Button Attaching Presser Foot

Be sure to first lower the feed dog so the fabric is not fed and adjust the zigzag width so the needle enters the holes in the button. To create a shank for the button, insert an awl or another similar object into the groove in the presser foot before sewing on the button so that the stitching will create a loop suitable for the thickness of the fabric.

Zipper Presser Foot

Since this presser foot has a pin on the left side and on the right side for attaching it to the presser foot holder, you can attach this presser foot on either side of the needle, depending on which side of the zipper is being sewn. This presser foot can cleanly sew along the edges of the zipper without hitting the teeth.


Blind Stitch Presser Foot with adjustment guide / Blind Hem Foot with adjustment guide

By sewing with the fabric fold aligned on the guide of this presser foot,only a few threads of the fabric will be uniformly caught in the stitch. Adjust the guide position according to the fabric before sewing.


Quilt Guide

Insert this guide into the hole of the presser foot holder or the walking foot, and then sew while lightly tracing this guide along stitching. Adjust the spacing of the stitching by changing how far this guide is inserted.


Auxiliary Spool Pin (Additional Spool Pin)

Use this spool pin with a thread spool for twin needle sewing, spare machine threading or bobbin winding.


Since the bobbin type differs depending on your sewing machine model,be sure to use the bobbin designed for your machine.


Adjustable Zipper Foot

The position of the adjustable zipper presser foot can be changed over to the right and left of the needle to allow the sewing machine to sew the material while avoiding its thicker part such as a zipper.

Roller Foot

The rollers at the front and back of this presser foot prevent it from sticking to or bunching fabrics for perfect seams.


Rolled Hemming Presser Foot

The spiral guide of this presser foot rolls the edge of the fabric to create a narrow rolled hem. This presser foot can be used on light-weight to medium-weight fabric. Since the fabric can be uniformly folded twice without ironing, this presser foot is useful for finishing ruffles and handkerchief edges.


Straight Stitch Presser Foot

Since the needle drops into a small round opening, the seam is stabilized to create a perfect straight stitch.


Walking Foot

This presser foot is equipped with an upper feed dog that works together with the feed dog of the sewing machine to feed the material in order to prevent bunched stitching and uneven feeding.


Quilt Presser Foot (Zigzag Type)

The wide needle entry opening allows this presser foot to be used for free-motion sewing with zigzag stitches. Since the presser foot moves up and down together with the movement of the needle, thick seams can easily be crossed.

Cording Presser Foot (for 3 Cords)

Pass threads through the three channels in front of the needle entry opening and sew them with the three-point zigzag stitch or decorative stitches in order to create three-dimensional decorations.


Gathering Foot

Change the stitch length, thread tension and presser foot pressure to adjust the amount of fabric that is gathered. You can also use this presser foot to sew two pieces of fabric together while creating gathers in only the lower piece.


Twin Needle

For beautiful decorative stitches two threads can be a perfect addition. Also it is used for sewing pintucks with the pintuck feet. Set the sewing machines with 2 needle settings with optional functions. Not all stiches are approved for twin needle design.


Magnetic Gauge

A strong magnet holds this gauge in place on the needle plate. This gauge can also be used on household sewing machines with a metal needle plate.


Wide Table

After removing the auxiliary bed, this table can easily be installed by fitting it into place.