How to Use Sewing Machine

Q1 The needle breaks.

  • Please check the combination of fabric, thread and needle.
  • Please check the combination of stitch pattern and presser foot to be used.
  • The needle may be bent or have been installed improperly. Please replace new needle and correctly attach it.

* If you pull the fabric while sewing, the needle may be bent.

Q2 The stitch is puckered.

  • The thread tension may be too strong or the combination of the fabric, needle and thread may be not matched.
  • Is threading the needle thread and/or bobbin thread correct?

Q3 The thread is looped on the wrong side of the fabric.

  • If the needle thread is pulled on the wrong side of the fabric, please adjust the thread tension stronger.
  • Please raise the presser foot and rethread the machine.
  • Is the thread tension set at "0"? Please change the thread tension stronger.
  • Are you sewing with the presser foot raised?
  • In the case of a vertical hook, there is a possibility of insufficient oil in the hook. Please apply a few drops of oil.

Q4 The sewing machine will not work even when start/stop button is pressed.

  • Is the bobbin winder shaft in the bobbin thread winding state? Please set the shaft back to the normal position.
  • Is the presser foot still raised? Please lower the presser foot.
  • Is the foot controller attached? Please use the foot controller or unplug the foot controller.

Q5 The sewing machine fails to feed fabrics. (the fabric does not move forward)

  • Is the stitch length set at "0"? Please change the stitch length longer.
  • Is the machine set in drop feed condition? Please change the feed dogs to the normal position.

Q6 The needle thread breaks.

  • If the thread take-up is not threaded correctly, please rethread the machine with the presser foot raised.
  • If the thread is jammed, please remove.
  • Is the thread tension too strong? Please adjust the thread tension weaker.
  • Please check the combination of fabric, thread and needle.

Q7 The stitch is skipped.

  • Is threading the needle thread and/or bobbin thread correct?
  • The needle may be bent or have been installed improperly. Please replace new needle and correctly attach it.
  • Is the setting of the thread tension correct?

Q8 The thread tension is not good.

  • The needle and bobbin thread tensions are not matched. No matter how much the needle thread tension is adjusted, the bobbin thread tension is too loose. Please check threading the bobbin thread correctly.

    • Please refer to the following for the correct setting of the bobbin for the horizontal hook.

      • (Left) Put the bobbin in the bobbin case.
        Place the bobbin so that the bobbin winds counter clockwise.
        • (Center) Thread groove 1 and 2 by pulling the thread end.
          It will be easier to thread grooves when you press the bobbin lightly with your finger.
          • (Right) Close the hook cover.
          • The thread tension is not good.

Q9 How to get manuals.

You can download manuals here.
(There is limited model only. If you need the other manuals, please contact us.)