Optional Gauge Added to the LBH-1790AB 2021/07/01

Optional gauges have been newly added to the LBH-1790AB (short thread remaining type), onto which materials can be stuck.

By using the presser foot of the LBH-1790A (standard machine), it is possible to prevent the material from displacement on the uneven part.
Since the thickness of the throat plate is the same, there is no effect on the remaining length of the bobbin thread.

*1    Presser foot type 1: Sewing length of up to 25mm supported; Presser foot type 2: Sewing length of up to 35mm supported.
*2    LBH-1790AB (Short thread remaining type) Note that, compared with the standard throat plate of which the supported zigzag width is 5mm at the maximus, the supported zigzag width of the optional throat plate is 4mm at the maximum.


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