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Thank you for coming to JIAM 2012 OSAKA (Japan International Apparel Machinery Trade Show 2012)

JIAM2012 From September 19th to 22nd, Japan International Apparel Machinery Trade Show, known as JIAM 2012 was held at INTEX Osaka in Suminoe, Osaka, Japan. Under the exhibition’s theme of “Creative Linkage –Innovative Technology for a Prosperous and Comfortable Lifestyle-“, Japan hosted the show in seven years since 2005. 208 enterprises from 17 countries / regions took part in the exhibition, which made the trade show international.

JIAM2012The Hall 4 was based on the concept “Japan Power”. The energy of textile industry in Japan expanding to the world was sent out through the display of Japanese high quality and highly advanced technology at the zone of “Future”, “Beauty”, “Technology” and “Kindness” as well as the stage events.
 In the Hall 5, Household Sewing Machine Zone was specially set up. The manufacturers of household sewing machine held the event to let visitors experience sewing, introduced the history of sewing machines, and exhibited the JIAM 2012 Quilt Awards wining works, and the works wining the 32nd award of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry for home sewing by elementary to high school students.

JIAM2012JIAM2012 Under the concept of “Be the best in CS ~New Edge Solution for Your Success~”, JUKI ran the largest-scale booth area (1,080m2) to make a presentation of comprising a total 100 sewing machine units including 53 industrial and 47 household machines in 5 zones and 2 corners.

JIAM2012  At the New Products Zone, we presented our new models on a big screen, created the demonstration line of ISS (Intelligent Sewing System) and made the presentation how to “visualize the sewing processes”, which is one of our sewing research institute’s activities, by using attachments and explaining sewing techniques (provided by Sales Engineering Dept).
 At the Automated Machines Zone, we displayed the newest models achieving high productivity, high quality and less skilled labors as well as being responsive to different kinds of materials. At the Knitwear Machine Zone, we displayed through the demonstration line, the newest MF7500 and MF7900 with dry-technology and good responsiveness to many materials as well as higher speed MO6700DA.
 At the Non-Apparel Sewing Machine Zone, the machines for Car Seats, Upholstery furniture, Shoes and Bags were displayed according to each application. At the Household Sewing Machine Zone, the large quilting machine “TL long arm” and the other machines were displayed. We conveyed the excitement of home sewing to customers by way of providing many events for experiencing the sewing.

JIAM2012  We showed our ability of creating new products by featuring cutting-edge 33 models of industrial and 13 units of household sewing machines, with appealing the manufacturing to respond to the market demands, thereby presented the products to achieve our thinking “Genuine Customer Satisfaction”.