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Major Features for Perfect Stitch Quality
Capability to sew from light to heavy weight materials
No fabric shrinkage even sewing on extra light
weight materials.
Thick handle can be sewn with ease.
Box Feed - Industrial Sewing Machine Technology
In order to provide beautiful seams and outstanding feed performance, JUKI adopted
box feed system. The conventional feed mechanism is oval motion. On the other
hand, the box feed moves the feed dog in a box motion. This eliminates material
shrinking and shifting. This accurate feeding system provides superior stitch quality
for a variety of light to heavy weight fabrics.
Free motion sewing with stable thread tensions
Wide Sewing Space
HZL-F series has a wider underarm
space, with a wider table it is more
enjoyable and comfortable to work
with large projects.

Direct Stitch Pattern Selection
Frequently used stitch patterns can be selected directly
through the Direct Select mode

*Piecing *Applique
*Zigzag stitch for applique
Knee-lifting Lever
Presser foot can be raised and lowered by the knee-lifting lever.
Presser foot lift is up to 12 mm when the lever is used.
Major Features for Professional Sewing Results
Foot Controller with thread trimming function
HZL-F series trims both needle
and bobbin threads automatically by pressing
the heel side of the foot controller. With this
feature you can concentrate on your project
while automatically cutting the thread.
*It is also possible to trim threads witha button located at machine body.
Powerful Feeding
HZL-F series has powerful feeding thanks to a
special steel feed dog and improved presser foot
construction. Heavy material projects, such as
hemming denim jeans, can be sewn with ease!

Industrial Quality Buttonholes
Using a unique sensor method, HZL-F series sews beautiful buttonholes regardless of the type of material and overlapped sections.

*16 types of buttonholes are available for your needs.

Now it is possible to adjust the cutting width in 3 steps.
Other Features
Automatic Needle Threader
Easy Bobbin Thread Winding
and Quick Bobbin Preparation
Presser Foot Pressure Adjustment
Dual LED Lights
Random Stitches
Sewing Patterns
Wide variety of stitch patterns including applique, decorative stitches, quilting stitches are built in.

>>List of All Stitch Patterns

Accessory Parts for Machine Quilting (Standard)

Walking Foot Quilting Presser Foot Open Toe Presser Foot Patchwork Presser Foot Edge Sewing Presser Foot
Optional Parts
Quilting Presser Foot (transparent type) Cording and Embroidery Presser Foot Quilting Presser Foot (open type) Applique Presser Foot Binder Presser Foot Pearl Attaching Presser Foot
Other Accesory Parts List UP
Dimensions 445 (W) x291 (H) x 210 (D) (mm)
Weight (Machine only) 9.8kg (2.16LBS)
Download the documents of HZL-F600

Catalog (1.4MB)

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