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New Product Release Information
June 14, 2005
Semi-dry-head, High-speed, Overlock / Safety Stitch Machine
MO-6700D Series

With absolute confidence, JUKI CORPORATION hereby announce that we are launching
MO-6700D on June 21, 2005, a new fascinating line-up based on our highly-reputed
world first dry-head model MO-6100D associated with epoch-making leading-edge
high-speed technology, now coupled with MO-6700S mechanism featuring elegant
texture of seams andhighest productivity in the world wide apparel industry.
This new model has realized much more affordable price as dry-head type machine
by applying no lubrication system only to the inner vital key mechanisms causing oil splash,
so that the less costly semi-dry model is presented to global customers.
It is really practical semi-dry overlock machine drastically reducing oil stain on your products.
Thus, you are assured to feel secure in your workplace without concerns about
probable hassle works of stain removal or repairing in sewing.
With forming oil stain-free top quality seams, the newly released model is an optimal solution
for apparel manufacturing, especially best suited for producing foundation, camisole top,
ladies' general cut-and-sewn, T-shirts, underwear, swimwear and what else,
as semi dry-head over-lock sewing machine.

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