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October 25, 2006
  Lockstitch, Automatic Welting Machine

JUKI releases the Lockstitch, Automatic Welting Machine, APW-895, which reduces
the machine time and provides excellent productivity on the 1st of November.
The machine is for the exclusive use of sewing welts on suits, jackets, pants, casual
wear and sportswear, etc.
This Lockstitch, Automated Welting Machine has undergone a full-model change of the
conventional APW-194N and APW-195N with substantially upgrading their productivity,
seam quality, operability and flexibility.

  Increased productivity
・Reduced machine time
Existing model (APW-195N) 4.5 sec Reduced to 3.8 sec
(time required to attach a flap (150 mm) with a pitch of 2.5 mm)
・Max. number of revolutions 3,000 sti/min
・Direct drive method with excellent responsiveness
・Increased traveling speed travel (jump and forward-travel) of the clamp foot
  Increased sewing specifications and seam quality
・Increased adjustable range of seam length and needle gauge.
・JUKI's unique damper mechanism raises and lowers the welting patch feeder according to the thickness of the material sewn.
・Adoption of needle-rocking back-tacking.
・Sharper and sturdier center knife
・The machine promises consistent seam quality with its enhanced responsiveness to materials.

Better adjustability, maintainability, and reliability
・Automatic changeover of the marking position which indicates a garment body placement position.
・A semi-dry head is adopted for the frame by means of grease lubrication. (Prevents oil stains.)
・Time required for setup changing is substantially shortened.
・Double-/single-welt sewing can be changed over by the simple touch of a key on the operation panel.
・The corner knife is easily adjustable.
・Power consumption is substantially reduced.

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