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July 28, 2006
Computer-controlled Cycle-Machine with Input Function
AMS-221E Series

      JUKI releases the computer-controlled cycle machine with input function AMS-221E series,
fully changed and dramatically improved the basic functions of our conventional
AMS-221D series on August 1st.
The machine is a middle area computer-controlled cycle machine based on reputable
AMS-210E series which was released last year.
The machine flexibly copes with various kinds of materials and sewing such as sports shoes,
leather shoes, bags, decorative stitches of apparel products such as back pocket of jeans,
attaching large-sized labels, emblems, name labels and belts, etc.

  Sewing area
・AMS-221E-2516 250mm(X)×160mm(Y)
・The machine achieves the highest sewing speed of 2,700sti/min for a computer-controlled cycle machine.
・Instantaneous acceleration (deceleration) at the beginning (end) of sewing, and high-speed thread trimming have contributed to 24% shorter total cycle time as compared with that of JUKI's conventional machines.

Sewing quality
・In addition to the substantial improvement of seam quality and operability, the machine demonstrates flexible responsiveness to diverse kinds of materials.
・Active tension
The machine achieves uniformly tensed seams with increased accuracy.
・Programmable intermediate presser
Height of the intermediate presser can be adjusted during sewing.

The IP-410 touch panel offers market-proven ease of operation.  It is provided with a wide screen and programmable functions. The color LCD unit displays sewing data such as stitch shape, needle thread tension, enlargement/reduction ratio, maximum sewing speed and the number of stitches at a glance. For data edit operations, detailed data is shown on the screen simply by lightly pressing the display icon, thus contributing to dramatically enhanced wfficiency.
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