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New Product Release Information
July 28, 2005
Computer-controlled Cycle-Machine with Input Function
AMS-210E Series

The notable model AMS has come in fully new style as AMS-210E,
loaded with extra functions of technical advantages
to your benefits, being launched on August 1, 2005.
Compared with conventional types, the new E-series run so faster
that it performs 135% productivity (based on in-house research) of previous ones.
It also features unique semi-dry lubrication to free your valuable sewing items
from oil stain. And wider sewing applications ranging from attaching labels,
patches, name tags on kids' clothing, working wear, sports bags, athlete footwear,
to stitching hook and loop fastener, radial holes on caps or waistband as well as
making decorative stitches on shoes or jeans pockets, make this new model amazingly
multi-functional just like what you did with several machines so far.
Added to that, the new computer-controlled cycle-machine with sewing data input
function does variety of works included storing kinds of stitching patterns,
reproducing automatically those input patterns on sewing material from set-in till
thread-trimming to finish in a cycle operation.

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