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Information of JUKI booth and exhibiting machines at JIAM2005.

At JUKI's booth, you can see various proposals
for "Creating the next VALUE" under the concept of
"We are CS Professionals".
A hearty welcome and many thanks for your visit.

You’ll find all JUKI state-of-the-art technology in our exhibit site at JIAM 2005 taking place on the coming 18th through 21st of May, at INTEX Osaka, developed on our evolutional new corporate concept of “We are CS professionals creating the next value,” of 100 industrial and home-use machinery at as many as 120 display stands expanded in 1,080 sqm-large space.
Line–ups are 76 models for industrial use, and the rest 24 for home-use or for tailoring. Of the industrial machines, 20 models have newly been released, and 12 are coming shortly, accounting totally for 42% of all the exhibits (32 models) in the industrial segment.
Situated at the back of Hall 3 with exhibition booth no.301, expertise staffs and our latest achievements consisting of 9 (nine) sections of specialties are looking forward to your visits every day for the period.

Exhibiting machines list >>

JUKI management support corner
・This section features our proposal for introduction of cutting-edge IT incorporated machinery and system, with real performance of demonstration.

Sewing machines for knits
・Not only the utmost advanced high-speed MF-7700 and MF-7800 series, but other wide variety of machines to able to improve quality and efficiency of your products and production are on display.


Sewing machines for intimate apparel wear
・Centralizing the inevitable dry-head mechanism for foundation and lingerie manufacturing, new high-end line-ups in this field for choice quality products are ready for installation at your production lines.

Sewing machines for shirts and blouses
・We proudly offer you over here machines managing both fundamental elements of highest productivity and smooth texture of sewing products in the same time.

Sewing machines for men’s and ladies’ outerwear
・Wide adaptability and flexibility to materials, that are unavoidable essence of machinery in this field, are put into our latest line-ups.

Sewing machines for jeans
・Exclusive and automated models developed through thorough analysis of Jeans and Casual pants production process are exposed to your reputation in this section.

Sewing machines for heavy materials
・Added to widely reputed high mechanical stability, reliability and adaptability to widening materials of the latest unison feed models and computer controlled automated machinery, the optimal solutions for respective material of car seat, furniture, bags and packaging sewing stand out over here.

Customer support corner
・Kinds of supportive solution to approach to Customer’s Satisfaction ranging from sewing technology, production management system, to knowledge on suitable attachments are visually provided.

Household sewing machines
・Household and tailoring models with the latest technology to create more fun and pleasure of home sewing indifferent to user’s skill or experience are introduced, including compact overlock and zigzag stitching models as well as pattern making device.