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IMB2006 was successfully ended.

  IMB2006 was held at the Cologne Messe in Cologne, Germany for four days from May 10 - 13, 2006.
631 companies in 40 countries were exhibited this time and the number of visitors came up to 25,000 from 115 countries throughout the fair, which was as equal as the previous time.
We had a plenty of visitors in our booth during the fair, even unable to walk past in the booth!
We exhibited 57 models and the major interest from our visitors was placed upon, APW-895(Automatic Welting machine with Direct-Drive technology to improve productivity by a 20% increase of cycle time), AMS210E-2516(Computer-controlled cycle machine with input function and large sewing area, achieving the world fastest sewing speed of 2,700sti/min), LZ-2290A-SR (2-needle, Programming Zigzag Machine with reputable clean pattern), LH-4100 series(High-end, 2-needle lockstitch machine with Direct-Drive, Semi-Dry and High-Long arm technology), DP-2100(sleeve attaching machine reputable as a machine to perform most difficult sleeve attaching process without dependence upon skilled operators).
IMB2006(ケルンメッセ) 会場
IMB2006(ケルンメッセ) JUKIブースIMB2006(ケルンメッセ) 入り口
IMB2006(ケルンメッセ) AMS210EIMB2006(ケルンメッセ) DP2100IMB2006(ケルンメッセ) APW895