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Thank you for your visit to CISMA 2009


CISMA2009 "CISMA2009" (China Int'l Sewing Machinery & Accessories Show) sponsored and organized by China Sewing Machinery Association was held from 22(Tue) - 24(Thu) September, 2009 at Shanghai New International Expo Center.
 The theme of the exhibition was  "Innovation and Upgrading " (創新・升級 in Chinese) and the show was participated by 1,023 firms in the sewing machinery industry from 17 countries/regions filling the 80,000 square meter area of the exhibition center.  More than 32,000 visitors came to the exhibition during the three days.
CISMA2009CISMA2009 Due to the impact of the market condition not only in China but in the world,  the scale, participants and visitors of this year's show were all less than CISMA2007. However, the visitors who came to the show had keen eyes and the exhibition hall was filled with their eagerness.

CISMA2009CISMA2009CISMA2009 JUKI exhibited new products not only Direct-Drive, High-Speed Lockstitch machine with thread trimmer DDL-9000B but total 58 industrial sewing machines of JUKI's cutting-edge technology including 25 new products.  A lot of visitors were attracted to DDL-9000B, Edge-Control machine AE-200A and Automatic Serging machine ASN-690, etc.  
 Also JUKI set up the T-shirt line all created by Dry-head sewing machines of Lockstitch, Overlock and Coverstitch category. This T-shirt line gained a good reputation by realizing JUKI's recommended ideas of Dry-head machines, IE supports, Production control and Attachments as an actual production line. For Household sewing machines, JUKI exhibited 13 models including computer machine HZL-F600(EXCEED), and versatile home Serger with coverstitch function MO-735, gaining a good reputation and a lot of attention from the visitors.