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A machine with superior cost performance that produces maximum results with minimum investment.

Feature Laser centering
Laser sensor: LNC60 The machine combines high production capacity with its versatility at a reasonable cost. This system is best suited for a company starting out in surface mount. It is both easy to operate and compact, resulting in a smooth installation.
  Superior Cost Performance
  19,300CPH (Laser centering/Optimum) (0.187 sec/chip)
15,300CPH (Laser centering/IPC9850)
  Superior Versatility
  Reliable Quality
  Easy Operation
Board size Min. 50 × 50 ~ Max. 330 × 250 mm
Component size Min. 0603mm(0201 Inch) ~ Max. □33.5mm
Component centering device Laser centering (LNC60)
Placement speed (chip) Chip Optimum 0.187Sec./chip(19,300CPH)
IPC9850 15,300CPH
Placement accuracy ±0.05 mm (±3σ)
Feeder inputs Max. 30 8mm tape feeders, 60 with optional rear bank.
* Operating System : Windows XP.
* 2 USB ports are standard.
* Height Measurement System(Option) is needed for placing 0603mm(0201 Inch) component.
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