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Multi-type supply unit that achieves placement of components mixed with semiconductor
using a mounter and an (IC) placer
Supplying a bare chip from a wafer and a waffle tray.   DF01

Supply from a wafer

Supply from a waffle tray
Handling a wafer and a waffle tray that are supply types peculiar to bare chips for application such as placement of components mixed with semiconductor. The extended grip ring for a wafer and waffle trays (2" and 4" size) are usable.
Achieving the simultaneous pick using a shuttle and the direct pick using a mounter's head.
The optimum handling method is selectable according to the intended use; the simultaneous pick of two or more chips through a shuttle when giving priority to productivity, or the direct pick through a mounter's head when giving priority to low damage to the chips.
Attaining a face up and a face down (flip) supplies.
Only one unit can work for different applications through a face up supply for a wire bonding process or a face down supply for a flip chip process.
Handling multiple chips
The ten palettes can be stored in a stacker. The application that mounts two or more types of bare chips such as MCM (Multichip Module) or Sip (System in package) is achieved.
Simple quick-release mechanism
The attachment to a mounter or the detachment from the mounter is easy as well as the exchange with a feeder bank. When a production item changes, this product also responds flexibly.
Quality check
Bad mark (standard) or mapping data (option) is available to make the good or bad judgment in a wafer.
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