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April, 26, 2015

JUKI releases Long Board SMT Placement Machine JX-350
with advanced placement speed and improved component capability

JUKI introduces Long Board SMT Placement Machine “JX-350" from June 1st at home and abroad.

JX-350, as a successor model of LED dedicated mounter "JX-300LED", has greatly improved its placing ability of diffusion lens for LED production.
By reducing the weight of the beam and revising the head drive control, its placement speed increased by 18% to 32,000cph compared to previous model.
Additionally, the component capability expanded remarkably by introducing newly developed screw type nozzle (option); it can place 6 pieces of large components up to 25mm diameter or diffusion lens simultaneously.
The screw type nozzle helps improving productivity by performing pick, recognition and placement only in one pass for all 6 nozzles, which was done in two passes on previous model. Placement range is maximum 650mm in 1 clamp (previous model max. 610mm) and 1,200mm in 2 clamps (standard specification).
It can handle up to 1,500mm board (option) - the largest board size in the industry - making it ideal for long board production such as LED lighting.
Users can select either electric or mechanical feeder for supply method, enabling them to utilize their existing assets. Matrix Tray Server TR5S is also available as an option for supplying tray component from rear side bank.

JUKI promotes the brand new "Long Board SMT Placement Machine JX-350" as an ideal solution for LED and various other long board productions.
Model name Long Board SMT Placement Machine
Available from June 1, 2015
Advanced placement speed
Placement speed increased to 32,000cph, 18% speed-up compared to previous model (optimum conditions, component height 6mm) due to lighter beam and revised head drive control.
Improved productivity and capability of large components and diffusion lens
Newly developed screw type nozzle (option) expands the capable component size up to 25mm diameter, also enabling accurate placement of diffusion lens. It can pick, recognize and place 6 pieces of diffusion lens in one pass and realize high productivity.
Long board production up to 1,500mm – largest board size in industry
The machine corresponds to 650mm width board in 1 clamp (standard), up to 1,500mm long board production (option) - the largest board size in industry.
Various supply methods

User can select electrical or mechanical feeder specification.  Rear bank production is available as an option, which is capable of feeders, manual trays, and Matrix Tray Server TR5S (option).

Board size 1 time clamping 650㎜×360㎜
2 times clamping 1,200㎜×360㎜
3 times clamping ※1 1,500㎜×360㎜
Component height 6mm/12mm
Component size 0603(0201)~□33.5㎜
Placement speed (chip) Optimum 32,000CPH
IPC9850 21,000CPH
Placement accuracy


Feeder inputs

Front-side fixed mechanical
feeder bank(Standard)

Max.40 in case of 8mm tape Max.80
Front+rear-side fixed mechanical
feeder bank ※1 
Front+rear-side fixed electrical
feeder bank ※1
Max. 40 in case of 8mm tape
※1 This function is supported with an option.
※2 When using 8mm tape(on a Electric double tape feeder)
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