Multi-task robot system MR-01

This multi-task robot system performs two work simultaneously all on its own: component insertion into a PWB and screw-tightening on the PWB.



  • The machine can access top and bottom PWBs simultaneously.
  • The machine can be variously used to tighten screws, divide a PCB, or assemble parts by exchanging the upper and lower parts of the robot hands.
  • The machine reduces the on-site production start-up time.
  • The machine handles an increased range of component and screw types with zero hassle.
  • The machine uses nozzles and feeders (radial feeders, tray folders, and other feeders) for the JM series component-insertion machine to ensure optimal benefits from the effective use of those assets.
  • The machine can be programmed with user-friendly code using a platform common to the system and mounters.