Solder Paste Printer KSP

Developed with Powerful Built-in Features and Flexibility

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  • Single Stage Conveyor with U-Shape Belt
  • Arch Shape Squeegee Beam
  • SPM(Stencil Position Memory) System
  • Automatic Stencil Wiper System
  • Adjustable Stencil X Frame Mechanism
  • Vision and Optics System


Solder Paste Printer
Model name KSP
PWB size 50mm×50mm – 510mm×510mm
Cycle time 8.5 sec + Printing time
Positioning accuracy ±12.5μm (6σ)
Frame size 480mm×500mm ~ 737mm×737mm
Power supply AC220V*1 , 0.49MPa , single-phase
Dimensions W1,206mm × D1,684mm × H1,410mm
Weight 1,200kg

*1 Electric power supply: AC 220V – single phase specification only.
* Above figures are are subject to vary on the conditions. Please contact our sales reps for details.