High-Speed Modular Mounter FX-3RA

High speed, high reliability modular mounter
Improve productivity, reduce rework
Designed to work with KE Series machines to form a high speed, flexible production line

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Chip 90,000CPH (0.040Sec. / chip / Optimum)
66,000CPH (IPC9850)
  • 0402mm(01005 inch) ~ 33.5mm×33.5mm
  • Laser recognition : ±0.05mm(±3σ)
  • On-the-fly centering using integrated laser
  • 2 stations, 4 gantries, 4 placement heads, 24 nozzles
  • Linear servo motor XY drive with full closed-loop control
  • Holds up to 240 components
  • Electrical or mechanical feeder trolley


Item/Model High-Speed Modular Mounter
High-Speed Modular Mounter
Board size L size(410x360mm) yes no
L-Wide size(510x360mm)*1 yes no
XL size(610×560mm) no yes
Applicability to long PWB*1 800×360mm 800×560mm
Component height 6mm yes
Component size Laser recognition 0402(01005) ~ 33.5mm×33.5mm
Placement speed (chip) Optimum 0.040Sec. / chip(90,000CPH)*2
IPC9850 66,000CPH*2
Placement accuracy Laser recognition ±0.05mm(±3σ)
Feeder inputs Max.240 in case of 8mm tape
(on a Electric double tape feeder)

*1 L-Wide size , Applicability to long PWB is optional.
*2 This speed does not apply to XL board size.