Reinforced Plastic Bobbin 2020/12/21

JUKI's new reinforced plastic bobbin will help you to solve the problem.

・It takes time to adjust the thread tension.
・Irregular stitches on light-weight materials.
・Stitching is unstable at high and low speeds.
・Loose stitches at the start of sewing.


Reduction of weight

Since the plastic bobbin is lighter than aluminum and iron,
the thread tension is stable at a high level. Furthermore,
it realizes beautiful stitching.

High durability

Since there is almost no rubbing inside the bobbin case,
it is as durable as aluminum and iron.


Reduction of running idle

Thread bending that occurs after intermittent stitching or thread trimming is reduced. Needle thread tension
at the start of sewing is reduced, and stitching is more stable.
It also reduces the effect of the remaining bobbin thread amount on the thread tension.