Unison-feed, Long Arm Lockstitch Machine with Vertical-axis Large Hook

With a generous 750 mm of free space under the arm and powerful unison-feed that provides a maximum stitch length of 10 mm, the machine delivers outstanding productivity when sewing heavy materials such as tents and sheets.

Product features

  • The machine head structure is designed to improve operability

    • With its 750 mm wide space under the arm and a handwheel mounted at the middle of arm, the machine is ideal for the sewing of heavy materials such as tents and sheets. A large material can be sewn while spread over the bed.
    • The bobbin winder is installed at the front face of the arm for easy operation.
    • The presser foot goes up as high as 21.5 mm to ensure easy placement/removal of extra heavy-weight materials.

  • Safety device protects the needle and hook from damage

    If the thread gets caught in the hook, the safety device is automatically actuated, preventing possible hook damage. Pressing the reset button will immediately return the machine to the normal state.

Basic performance

  • Consistent seam quality

    With its unison feed mechanism that ensures a smooth and steady feed of materials, the machine provides consistent seam quality with no material slippage. Eleven different kinds of needle gauges are prepared for the LG-158. The most suitable gauge for the current machine use can easily be selected.

  • The frequency of bobbin thread replacement is reduced

    Since the machine incorporates a vertical-axis large hook, the frequency of bobbin thread replacement is reduced, further increasing efficiency.


Model name LG-158 LG-158-1
(2-needle) (1-needle)
Max. sewing speed 1,500sti/min*
Max. stitch length 10mm (normal/reverse feed)
Needle bar stroke 46.9mm
Needle gauge Standard 19.1mm (3/4") -
Lift of the presser foot By pedal: 21.5mm
Thread take-up Side type
Alternating vertical movement 6mm~19mm
Hook Vertical-axis large hook
Needle (at the time of delivery) DD×1 (#25)
Thread #20~#5, B69~B138, Nm=40/3~20/3
Safety mechanism Provided as standard
Bobbin winder Built on the machine arm
Lubrication By an oiler
Lubricating oil JUKI New Oil No.1 (equivalent to ISO VG7)
Distance from needle to machine arm 750mm
Bed size 1,088mm×230mm
Weight of the machine head 108kg

*“sti/min” stands for “Stitches per Minute.”

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