Creation of "sewing"

Commitment to “seam quality” is poised to enter a new era with JUKI’s next-generation sewing system.
The change is driven by digitalization.
Until recently, sewing machines have been adjusted by human operators based on personal hunches and experience.
Now, with JUKI's digital sewing system DDL-9000C, sewing machine adjustments are fully digitalized. The settings can be reproduced with total accuracy to perfectly suit the materials being sewn.

Vertically- and horizontally-driven digital feed mechanism World first

Thanks to the world's first vertically-driven digital feed mechanism, the feed dog height can be adjusted with ease according to the material fabric of product to be sewn, thereby improving seam quality. The feed dog does not protrude the top surface of throat plate when the sewing machine stops with its needle bar up, thereby facilitating placement/removal of the material on/from the top surface of throat plate and preventing the material from being damaged by the feed dog.

DDL-9000C Series

DDL-9000C feed dog image

Conventional product

Conventional product feed dog image

Various kinds of feed locus can be selected.

Digitalized vertically- and horizontally-driven feed mechanism allows easy adjustment of settings such as the feed locus only on the operation panel according to the material to be sewn.



Front Up
(reduce uneven material feed)

 Front Up (reduce uneven material feed)

Rear Up
(prevent needle bending)

Rear Up (prevent needle bending)

Box Feed
(for multi-layered section)

 Box Feed (for multi-layered section)

Digital functions which accentuate excellent seam quality

Full Digital Type

Adoption of the needle-thread active tension

Needle tension is digitally controlled

Needle thread tension which matches sewing conditions can be set on the operation panel and stored in memory. The needle thread tension adjustment needs experience. However, for this sewing machine, thread tension data stored in memory is reproducible, thereby reducing the setup time when the product to be sewn is changed.

Adoption of the needle-thread active tension image

Full Digital Type

Active presser foot pressure mechanism

The presser foot pressure is digitally controlled

Digital control system controls the presser foot pressure.

Active presser foot pressure mechanism image

Active presser foot pressure mechanism

The multi-layered section detection function

When the multi-layered section detection function detects changes in material thickness, the needle thread tension, presser foot pressure, pitch, feed locus and feed dog height can be all automatically changed to link their adjustments appropriately.
※The adjustments can be changed manually at an arbitrary timing with the hand switch.

Defective product

Defective product image

Quality product

Quality product image

Clogged stitch and stitch looseness no longer occur


Remaining thread at the end of sewing reduced to 3 mm

○Remnant thread after thread trimming

Conventional producst

Conventional producst thread trimming

DDL-9000C Series

DDL-9000C thread trimming

Double-edge driven rotary knife system is adopted. The double edges of the knife intersect with each other directly under the needle entry point to trim the thread. In addition, thanks to the digital feed mechanism, thread trimming is carried out with the feed dog lowered in the case the shorter-thread remaining thread trimming function is enabled. As a result, the clearance provided between the throat plate and the material is eliminated, thereby stabilizing the length of thread remaining after thread trimming.

Management of sewing machine by the utilization of IoT

Management, browsing and editing of data can be carried out on the application software

Data items of sewing can be numerically managed to ensure "stable quality" and "reduction in time required for setup changes". In addition, installation of NFC※1 enables data transfer to an Android tablet. Data transferred from the sewing machine to an Android tablet can be edited on the tablet.※2 This enables quick check for uniform settings as well as confirmation of conditions of sewing machines in a sewing line, thereby facilitating setup changes.

The setting data from the sewing machine to an Android tablet can be edited on the tablet.

The operation panel is also provided as standard with a USB port. Data management and software update can be carried out with ease using a USB thumb drive.

※1 The sewing machine can be paired with equipment which supports NFC (Near Field Communication) only by holding the equipment over the sewing machine.
※2 Android OS Version 6.0 is recommended to use JUKI Smart APP. (Operation is confirmed with respect to Versions 5.0 and later.) Contact JUKI distributor in your area for how to use the application software.
insert usb port

Digitalized control panel

Two different modes; i.e., the operator mode which prioritize ease of operation and the serviceperson mode, are prepared to respectively display indications according to the user.

Full Digital Type

Adoption of a 4.3-inch large color liquid crystal touch panel ensures easy operation. The touch panel is provided with JUKI's unique intelligent sewing system features.

full digital panel image

Digital Type

Adoption of a black-and-white liquid crystal switch panel ensures easy operation. Since, unlike the CP panel, the black-and-white liquid crystal panel provides verbal explanation of its operation, it is easier for the operator to understand how to operate it.

digital panel image
  Full Digital
Digital Type
Digital feed
(Horizontal direction)
Digital feed
(Vertical direction)
Active tension ×
Active presser foot ×
Support to an Android
(Support through an Android tablet)
Shorter-thread remaining
type thread trimming
Color touch panel ×

Functions necessary for sewing machine operation can be used with the hand switch

Functions of two hand switches can be set through the operation panel. 20 different functions (needle-up/down correction sewing, reverse-feed correction sewing, 1-time reverse-feed stitching cancellation function, etc.) are available. Highly convenient operation is enabled by setting the functions which match the sewing process in combination.

The hand switches have been factory-assigned respectively with "Touch-back switch" and "Custom switch (to be set by the customer)" at the time of shipment. The customer may assign other functions to these two hand switches.

Touch-back switch and Custom switch


Presser foot auto-lifter function

Newly-developed auto-lifter function coming with a stepping motor reduces the operation noise.
Thanks to the adoption of stepping motor, the presser foot can be lifted up in two steps by pressing the back part of the foot panel. (1st step: max.8.5mm / 2nd step: max.13.5mm) By changing the setting, the presser foot can be raised and lowered linearly linked with the quantity of pressing the back part of the foot pedal.

※For the digital type, the auto-lifter AK-154 is required to add as an option.