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1-Needle Lockstitch Sewing Machines
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*LCD Screen

*7-Point Feed Dog  
*Stitch Chart Drawer *Automatic One-Step Buttonholing
*Auto Needle Threader
Major Features

LCD Screen
The large, easy to read LCD Screen allows for quick selection of patterns, as well as width and length adjustment.

Stitch Chart Drawer
Slide open chart to view complete stitch selection.
Auto Needle Threader
Quick and accurate one step needle threader.
7-Point Feed Dog
Easily sew all types of fabrics and accurately piece fabrics for edge to edge.

Powerful Even Stitching
Surprising power to sew denim or leather.


1-Step Buttonhole
HZL-L series sews buttonhole automatically according to the size of the button.


Easy to Start Sewing Overseams
Press the black button of presser foot to make the presser foot parallel to the throat plate. This makes easy to start sewing overseams.

Free Arm, Drop-in Bobbin, Drop Feed, LED Light and more…

‡@Zigzag foot
‡AOveredge foot
‡BZipper foot
‡CSatin stitch foot
‡DBlind hem foot
‡EAutomatic buttonhole foot
‡FSpool holder (large)
‡GSpool holder (small)
‡HAdditional spool pin
‡ISpool stand
‡JSpool pin felt
‡KBobbins ( X 4)
‡LAssorted needle set
‡MSeam ripper
‡NLint brush

Wide Table
Sewing Patterns
20 Built-in Sewing Patterns
Sewing Speed Max. 700 s.p.m.
Stitch Length Max. 5mm
Zigzag Width Max. 7mm
Dimensions 406 (W) x 298 (H) x 182(D) mm
Weight  5.6kg
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