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*Automatic Needle Threader

*Automatic One-Step Buttonholing  
*Drop Feed *Presser Foot Pressure Adjustment
*White LED Light *Free Arm and Accessory Box
Major Features

Automatic Needle Threader
The Automatic Needle Threader easily threads the needle without eyestrain and allows you to start sewing quickly.

Drop Feed
You can lower the feed dog for sewing button or free-motion quilting by simply moving the lever.
* Quilting foot is an optional part.
White LED Light
Brightens the needle entry area. LED light will not heat up even during long operations.

Automatic One-Step Buttonholing
By placing button on the buttonhole foot, the machine conveniently sews buttonholes automatically according to the size of the button.


Presser Foot Pressure Adjustment
Presser foot pressure can be adjusted for better sewing results according to the type of materials to be sewn.


Free Arm and Accessory Box
The Auxiliary Box slides off for the free arm sewing. Also standard accessory parts can be neatly stored in the Auxiliary Box.


Extra Front Feed Dogs, Drop-in Bobbin, Zigzag Width Adjusting Dial and more…

Stitch Length Adjusting Dial
Stitch length can be selected easily and finely according to thickness and type of fabric.


Optional accessories

Decorate stitch foot
Overcasting foot
Rolled hemming foot
Cording foot
Blind stitch foot
Quilt foot
Straight stitch foot
Gathering foot
Walking foot
Twin needle
Sewing Patterns
26 Built-in Sewing Patterns
Sewing Speed Max. 750 s.p.m.
Stitch Length Max. 4mm
Zigzag Width Max. 7mm
Lift of the Presser Foot 2-step lifter Max. 9mm
Needle HA x1 #9-#18
Dimensions 410 (W) x 308 (H) x 177 (D) mm
Weight  7.1kg/15.7lb (Machine only)
Hook Horizontal Rotary Hook
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