JUKI launches computer-controlled home sewing machine “Kirei HZL-UX8” which achieves an operational feeling of the smartphone and is provided with Wireless LAN Internet access function.

JUKI has launched, in November, the new computer-controlled home sewing machine “Kirei HZL-UX8” as its high-end model of home sewing machines in Europe and the U.S. “Kirei HZL-UX8” comes with the Wireless LAN Internet access function as well as a user-friendly operational feeling similar to the smartphone.

“Kirei HZL-UX8” enables selection of all of its sewing functions on the touch panel located on the right side of the main body of the sewing machine. In addition, when it is connected to the Internet via its Wireless LAN function, the information on the JUKI website is displayed to allow the user to view on the touch panel.
Thanks to the Wireless LAN Internet access function, the user can view videos uploaded on JUKI YouTube channel such as video tutorials for the operation of the sewing machine and accessories, and step-by-step guide videos explaining how to make various works. With this function, operability of the sewing machine and ease of sewing work are substantially improved.

“Electrostatic capacity type” touch panel, which can be operated by tapping and swiping in the same way as the smartphone, is adopted, thereby contributing to improved operability.
Top screen has been configured by introducing the simple UI/UX design (*1) to display only the limited number of items including selected stitch types and frequently-used functions. Functions are arranged hierarchically to allow the user to quickly access the target stitch type and function from the top screen by simply selecting the relevant items.
As “UX” that is included in the product name indicates, this sewing machine promises intuitive operability and comfortable operation to allow the user to make the most out of its many functions without experiencing frustration that he / she has felt by the use of the conventional machine such as when searching for a target item due to its complicated and time-requiring search method.
In addition, the new sewing machine incorporates helpful UI designs such as the visualization of changes in thread tension adjustment with easy-to-understand animations.

Separately from the digitalized functions of the touch panel, the sewing machine is also provided with improved analog functions taking the standpoint of users. Conventionally, stitch length and zigzag width have already been adjusted with a dial knob. The HZL-UX8 is additionally provided with a dial for adjusting the presser foot pressure and the presser foot lift (micro-lifter). With this dial, the user is able to change those settings during sewing sensuously. Furthermore, the sewing machine is equipped with a steplessly-adjustable light to enable selection of the easily-viewable color of the light in accordance with the material color and the illumination of the room.

“Kirei HZL-UX8” bears “Kirei” (means “beautiful” in Japanese) in its name as with its predecessor model HZL-NX7. This is a sewing machine developed with an emphasis on user experience while taking over the predecessor’s beautiful seam quality to help achieve more comfortable work environment. This sewing machine has been developed to respond to users’ demand not only for easier operation but also for multiple functions and high performance. JUKI will continue to assist the customers who enjoy comfortable sewing at home with its sewing machines.

(*1) UI: Abbreviation of user interface (all places that users see and use) / UX: Abbreviation of user experience (experience that users gain through the use of a product and service)

New functions

1.New functions of UX / UI design

New function Explanation
① JUKI Smart touch panel 7-inch color touch panel (conventional HZL-NX7 is provided with a 4.5-inch one). Smartphone-like operation is enabled.
② Jog dial for adjusting the presser foot pressure and the presser foot lift (micro-lifter) Presser foot pressure and the presser foot lift can be instantaneously changed with the handy jog dial.
③ History calling function The last 10 sewing patterns (including settings) are saved in the history and can be called later.
④ Color temperature of the light is adjustable The color temperature of the light can be changed steplessly from daylight color to light bulb color.
⑤ Bobbin thread shortage sensor When the remaining amount of bobbin thread reaches a certain amount, a warning is given before the bobbin thread runs out.
⑥ Visualization of adjustment of thread tension, etc. with animations Changes in adjustments of thread tension, etc. can be visualized with easy-to-understand animations
⑦ Operating procedure guide In addition to the conventional explanation with images, operating procedure can also be viewed with animated videos.

2.New functions to enjoy sewing more

① Wireless LAN Internet access (JUKI sewing net) Access to the JUKI website and the JUKI YouTube channel via Wireless LAN Internet access function
② Addition of 17 patterns 17 new patterns are added to increase the number of sewing patterns to 368.
③ Improvement of tapering sewing function Not only the direction and angle of tapering at the beginning and end of sewing but also the entire length of tapering can be set. Tapering can be sewn in repetition using the previous setting of tapering length.
④ Feed dog up / down button (drop feed) Since the feed dog can be lowered only by pressing the operation button, the user is able to easily set up the machine for free-motion sewing. The feed dog can be lowered with ease also when placing the material on and removing it from the sewing machine.
⑤ Auxiliary bed has a built-in accessory storage Accessories such as presser feet, bobbins, etc. that are used frequently can be stored in two pockets in the auxiliary bed.
⑥ Addition and change of the presser foot Addition of a frequently-used presser foot with a matte finish in prevention of reflection of light as well as the presser foot that supports JUKI Smart Feed (dual feed)
⑦ Optional accessories Helpful six different optional accessories are added such as the “flip-up type magnifier” to enlarge the needle entry area and the LED pointer to indicate the needle entry point.

Launch date

November, 2020


Outside dimensions 602mm (width) x 310 mm (height) x 264 mm (depth)
Weight 14.9kg
Maximum sewing speed 1,050 sti/min
Number of patterns 368 patterns
Foot controller Equipped as standard (provided with the separate foot switch function)
Knee lifting lever Equipped as standard (Electronic knee-lifter control mechanism)
Wide table Equipped as standard