JUKI’s response to the spread of infection by the novel coronavirus

First of all, we offer our most profound sympathy to all of the victims of the coronavirus pandemic. We pray for the speedy recovery of affected persons and feel deeply for everyone enduring hardships caused by the spread of the infection.

In facing the global uncertainty caused by the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), we make it our highest priority within the JUKI Group to protect the health and safety of all of our stakeholders, including our employees and their families, and all of our customers, business partners, and suppliers. We also prioritize business continuity and are committed to continuously providing our customers with JUKI products and services.

Nevertheless, our global sales activities in many countries and regions are increasingly affected by the ongoing global spread of the novel coronavirus. We are also constrained within Japan, as the areas subject to Japan’s emergency declaration now cover the whole country. To adapt to the current circumstances, the JUKI Headquarters has sequentially introduced a telework system as a basic work arrangement. The JUKI Headquarters and domestic and international group companies are also forced to implement “temporary layoff” according to schedules they have defined, up to the end of June.

Please be aware that our customer-response representatives remain at work under various working arrangements, including telework, while taking all possible measures to limit the spread of infection.

We sincerely apologize to any customers, suppliers, or others who face challenges or concerns in their businesses caused by the current situation. You can be sure that JUKI remains committed to the continuous delivery of products and services in a timely manner.

  1. Response during the temporary layoff
    JUKI and its departments and divisions will not be responding to calls placed to their main telephone numbers during the layoff period. Please contact JUKI by e-mail instead of telephone, until you receive further notice.
  2. “E-mail” contact information
    Please contact JUKI using the “Inquiry Form” posted on the JUKI Website:

* All e-mails sent in will be reviewed and managed promptly and continuously during the telework period.
If you have any inquiry that needs to be answered immediately, the person in charge will call you directly by telephone.