A merger of the consolidated subsidiaries

JUKI CORPORATION would like to announce that its consolidated subsidiaries, JUKI (SHANGHAI) INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD. (headquarters: Shanghai, China) and JUKI (NINGBAO) PRECISION CO., LTD. (headquarters: Ningbao, Zhejiang, China), were merged effective January 1, 2020.

(Surviving company: JUKI (SHANGHAI) INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD.)

By integrating the two companies and organizations, this merger aims to streamline operations, improve productivity, and advance a supply process using the human resources of the two companies as part of an overarching effort to undertake structural reform.

Please note that henceforth, JUKI (NINGBAO) PRECISION CO., LTD. will carry on with its businesses and operations, as before, under the name of JUKI (SHANGHAI) INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD., NINGBAO BRANCH.