Information about JUKI participation in China International Sewing Machinery & Accessories Show 2019 (CISMA 2019)

conceptual illustration of JUKI booth

JUKI will be taking part in the “China International Sewing Machinery & Accessories Show 2019 (CISMA 2019)” to be held in four days from the 25th to 28th of September 2019 in Shanghai, China.
With the concept of “JUKI Smart Solutions – Innovation with our Best Global Support – (JUKI globally supports you with smartification of your factories”, JUKI displays products including state-of-the-art industrial sewing machines featuring advanced automatization technologies which complement manual work, automatic machines which improve productivity and quality, the latest lineup of further enhanced digital sewing systems, and latest visualization systems that visualize the site of sewing work. In addition, our total line solution including not only the sewing machines but also peripheral equipment is introduced.
With respect to household sewing machines, the booth includes the latest models and products that leverage the strength of JUKI.

Overview of the JUKI exhibition booth

Venue Booth No. D02, Hall No. W3, Shanghai New International Expo Centre
Allocated exhibition space 871 ㎡
Number of models to be displayed Industrial sewing machine/system: 74 units
Household sewing machine: 23 units
Total: 97 units

*Please note that the number and models of sewing machines to be displayed in the exhibition are subject to change.

Overview of exhibition sections and main machines to be displayed

A.Dress shirt smart line

With an eye on the dress-shirt parts manufacturing line, the automatic parts sewing line utilizing a pickup robot is demonstrated. Related automatic machines are also introduced.

B. Foundation smart line

With an eye on foundation sewing, the smart sewing line which connects the latest digital sewing system and network system is introduced.

C.Sewing machines non-apparel products

Sewing machines for heavy-weight materials and automatic sewing machines which are best suited to the car seat sewing line and other applications such as sewing bags, furniture and sports shoes are introduced.

D.Sewing machines for apparel products

Sewing of jeans, half pants, sports jackets and down jackets is demonstrated.
Automatic machines with improved material responsiveness that achieves increased productivity and enhanced quality are introduced.

E.Sewing machines for knits

Centering on the sewing line for T-shirts and sports short pants, many different specifically-developed automatic machines as well as useful equipment other than sewing machines, such as bonding equipment and transfer printing equipment for providing a broader range of solutions are introduced.

F.Household sewing machines

In addition to the QVP products that are promoted in the United States and European nations, 天猫、淘宝、京東商城ネット products that are promoted in China are displayed. In the hands-on corner, visitors are allowed to actually operate the sewing machines that interest them.

New products

AMS-221F < Computer-controlled cycle machine with input function > 
●Product summary
This sewing machine provides further improved seam quality. Thanks to the enhanced control by software and increased rigidity of the “feed” mechanism which carries the material on the sewing machine during sewing, the feed accuracy is improved and uneven stitches between the normal feed stitching and reverse feed stitching is reduced. In the case of sewing hard and extra heavy-weight materials, the newly-developed retry function contributes to increased needle penetrating force. In addition, due to the shorter thread remaining function, the length of needle thread and bobbin thread that is left on the material after thread trimming is reduced to 5 mm or less. Thanks to this function, manual securing of thread at the end of sewing is no longer required.

LH-4578CF < Semi-dry head, 2-needle, needle-feed, lockstitch sewing system (full digital type) >
●Product summary
This sewing system comes with the independent right and left needle thread active tension function. Thanks to this function, the needle thread tension is automatically corrected according to the sewing speed and the remaining amount of bobbin thread. This contributes to improved seam quality. Furthermore, the active presser foot mechanism is able to correct the presser foot pressure according to the sewing speed. Another feature of this sewing system is that it is the world’s first foundation tape attaching machine which incorporates a large capacity hook (1.8-fold capacity hook). Frequency of bobbin thread changing is reduced by approximately 40 %, thereby reducing the setup work time and also reducing the burden on the operator.


●Product summary
Since the vertical feed and horizontal feed are controlled by motor, time-consuming feed timing changing work can be easily achieved through the operation of the operation panel to allow the operator to set the seam quality (soft ↔ standard ↔ hard) that is suited to the process. Since the feed locus for preventing uneven material feed can be selected, material responsiveness is also improved. This sewing system is the world’s first rotary sewing machine which comes with the active tension feature, thereby achieving stabilization of thread tension when the bobbin thread remaining amount is getting reduced. In addition, the multi-layered portion detection device enables adjustment of sewing performance at the flat portion and multi-layered portion of material, thereby eliminating the sewing problems such as stitch gathering or poorly-tensed seam which are conventionally likely to occur when sewing multi-layered portions of material.

PS-800-13085 < Pattern seamer: 1,300 mm (width) x 850 mm (length) >
●Product summary

This pattern seamer is provided with a semi-dry head which has adopted the advanced oil-less machine head technology. In addition, the machine supports many different materials and is able to sew with its maximum number of revolutions of 3,000sti/min. Furthermore since the height of the lower dead point of the intermediate presser can be steplessly changed even during sewing through the operation panel, the machine can be effectively used for sewing multi-layered portions of material. Sewing problems such as stitch skipping and thread breakage can be prevented by the intermediate presser which securely clamps the material.

HZL-NX7 Kirei < Advanced computer-controlled household sewing machine with a long arm >
●Product summary
“Kirei” is the high end model of JUKI household sewing machine which has the largest-class sewing space of 12 inches (304 mm). It is the highest grade computer-controlled sewing machine which satisfies the most demanding heavy users and quilters. It not only provides ease of use that is represented by ease of changeability of the presser foot, throat plate and feed dog that can be changed with a touch of a key on a case-by-case basis but also achieves “excellence” in seam quality as a result of vigorous pursuit and efforts. “Kirei” is the superb sewing machine that helps develop your creativity and artistic quality in sewing.