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IS is comprised of three software functions within a single application. A client-server architecture connects the IS server to clients throughout the factory via Ethernet for factory wide control.


  Consolidated management of information Sharing information stored in the server. Prevention of defects caused by inaccurate communication.
  Security User registration allows operation privileges to be specified for each user group.
  Versatile data format Production files are saved in an open XML format for easy editing. Data can be transferred easily to other applications.
  Easy operation User interface
Graphical operation screens that are standardized across applications.
Language change
Applicable languages include Japanese, English, Chinese, Korean, French,
German, Portuguese and Spanish.
IS basic software / Basic software required to install IS.
IS basic software
※Intelli PE is included in this software.
Additional systems / Software for expanded capabilities.

Intelli PE Program Editor Intelli PD Program Downloader Intelli PM Production Manager

Intelli PE Program Editor
 ■ Create production programs ■ Line optimization ■ CAD conversion (optional)
  Intelli PE is used to create and optimize individual production programs. It is also possible to include
  “virtual machines” in the line to simulate machines from other manufacturers. Intelli PE Program Editor
 ■ Cluster optimization

 Cluster optimization groups several dif ferent production files together in a common feeder setup. It
  reduces changeover time by eliminating the need to setup feeders between jobs.

Intelli PE Cluster optimization
 ■ Flexline CAD(Option)

 Data conversion system to convert text data files generated by CAD systems or output from other
  machines to JUKI data format. Users can choose from pre-defined input formats or define and save
  custom conversion formats.

Intelli PD Program Downloader
 ■ Download production programs to multiple lines ■ Line monitoring
 ■ On-demand production (optional)
  Intelli PD downloads production programs made in Intelli PE to the production lines and uploads
  changes made at the machines. It can control multiple lines simultaneously and monitor the production
  status of each line.
 ■ On-demand production(Option)

  On-demand production enables the production line to automatically change between jobs by reading a
  barcode on the PCB prior to starting production. Production files are optimized into a single feeder
  setup. (All PCBs must be the same size.)

Intelli PD On-demand production(Option)

Intelli PM Production Manager
 ■ Improve the operating rate of the entire floor ■ Factory status display
 ■ Performance calculation

  Intelli PM automatically makes a production schedule for the entire floor. The schedule is based on the
  production requirements vs. capabilities of each line on the floor as well as changeover. It is possible to
  specify various conditions such as due date for the job and component delivery dates.
Intelli PM Production Manager
 ■ Production monitoring

  Line status and real time production results can be monitored from any client PC. Problems can be
  identified and solved quickly.

Intelli PM Production monitoring
 ■ Performance calculation

  Production results are calculated and summarized graphically in pie or Gantt charts.

Intelli PM Performance calculation

When starting each function simultaneously on two or more PCs, the number of IFS-NXs must match the number of PCs being used.
Some functions require Intelli PD system.
System Overview Figure
System Overview Figur
Major options
Product name Corresponding software Remarks
Flexline CAD Intelli PE CAD conversion
On-demand production Intelli PD Function to automatically change production programs according to barcodes on boards
Production banner Intelli PM Function to show production status on large display
Compatible models
Series name Corresponding models
KE series KE-2010 / KE-2020 / KE-2030 / KE-2040 / KE-2050 / KE-2060 /
KE-2050R / KE2055R / KE-2060R / KE-2070 / KE-2080 / KE-2080R /
KE-3010 / KE-3020 / KE-3020R / KE-3020V / KE-3020VR
FX series FX-1 / FX-1R / FX-2 / FX-3 / FX-3R
CX series CX-1
KD series (Dispenser) KD-2077
※Please ask for details.
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