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November, 29, 2013

- New Mounter Series Forming a High-speed SMT Line -
High-speed Compact Modular Mounter, “RX Series,” Is Now Released

JUKI will start selling the “High-Speed Compact Modular Mounters RX-Series,” which are compact and improve the productivity per space of a packaging factory by 58 %, at home and abroad on December 2.
 JUKI’s “RX-6” is a highly flexible high-speed mounter that can place on PWB a wide variety of components from chip components such as a subminiature component to large IC components or odd-shaped components.  While it succeeds the features of JUKI’s flexible mounters “KE-Series,” its component placement speed is improved and its size is reduced as compared to these conventional mounters.
 Since this mounter is equipped with “head units” that pick up components and place them on PWB on the rear side as well as the front side, the head units on the front and rear sides repeat picking up and placing components in turn, and this reduces loss of work, and almost doubles the productivity.  Besides this feature, applicable IC component height and the supported PWB size is increased, so the machine can support various types of production such as mounting of LEDs or PoPs.
 The machine is equipped with as standard JUKI’s original technology, the “Placement Monitor analyze function,” which has been in a great demand until now and shoots a picture of a pick-up/placement of a component to allow you to monitor the mounting process in details.  Therefore, it can prevent a failure substrate from going on the market or analyze its cause and take the countermeasure against it in a short time.
 The “RX-7” is a mounter that places mainly subminiature components on PWB at high speed.  Many new functions for improving the productivity are built into this mounter, and its size is reduced.
 While the size and weight of the mounter are reduced, it has two “Super Rotary Heads” equipped with 16 nozzles for picking up/placing each component on a PWB.  This feature achieves superior performance:  75,000 CPH.  The “parallel head configuration” is used for the heads, and it also improves the production capability of the mounter.
 In addition, the camera installed inside the head detects a tombstone problem or component absence to realize high-speed and high-quality component placement.

 Recently application of SMT has been diversified from a smart device such as a smartphone to an automotive Engine Control Unit (ECU), a medical device and a digital consumer electronics device, and electronics circuit boards have become smaller, higher-densified, and higher-functional.

  We will meet your demands with this new type platform “RX series,” which achieves the “high productivity,” “high flexibility” enabling placement of a wide variety of components, “high quality” preventing any faulty substrate from being manufactured or going on to the next stage of the process, and “downsizing” allowing effective use of the factory space. .
Model name

High-speed Compact Modular Mounter

High-speed Compact Modular Mounter

Available from

November 1,2013

December 2,2013

Features of High-Speed Compact Modular Mounter, “RX-6
RX-6 supports a wide variety of component types:  from a subminiature component whose size is 0.4 mm×0.2mm to a 100 mm×100 mm square component, or a large odd-shaped component whose size is 50 mm×180 mm, as well as a long connector (if it is equipped with 6- and 3-nozzle heads) to place these components on PWB.  It can also recognize or place a component whose height is up to 33.0 mm. 
(The conventional models support the following components:  from a component whose size is 0.4 mm×0.2 mm to a 75 mm×75 mm square component or a component whose size is 50 mm×150 mm.  The supported height of a component is up to 25.0 mm.)
Since two types of heads, 6-nozzle head and 3-nozzle head, are prepared for the rear side of the mounter, you can replace these heads with each other according to products to be produced.
Since the width of this mounter is reduced from the conventional 1,500 mm to 1,250 mm, you can use the space of your factory effectively.
This mounter is equipped with a load control device as standard that controls pressurization to be applied to placement of a component on a PWB within a range of 0.5 N to 50 N, and this enables placement of a delicate component or mounting of a PoP.
Two component recognition systems of this mounter, laser recognition system and VCS recognition system, allow the mounter to recognize a wide variety of components.
Since the mounter is equipped with the Placement Monitor analyze function that monitors the process from component pick-up to component placement as standard, you can analyze the cause of a failure and take the countermeasure against it in a short time.
Features of High-Speed Compact Modular Mounter, “RX-7
The head configuration of the Super Rotary Head and the parallel two heads allows this mounter to achieve the highest component placement speed, 75,000 CPH in the industry.
Since the mounter maintains the component placement accuracy, ± 40 μm (Cpk≧1), it can perform high-density packaging of components.
The camera built into the head detects whether a component is supplied upside down, whether a tombstone problem or component absence occurs .
The width of the mounter is 998 mm and so compact that you can make effective use of your factory.
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