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December 20, 2011

Expanding High-speed,High Quality Product Line
- Release of High-speed Chip Shooter KE-3010, High-speed Flexible Mounter KE-3020V/3020VR,
and Electric Double Tape Feeder EF08HD -

KE-3010 KE-3020V
JUKI Corporation will release High-speed Chip Shooter KE-3010, High-speed Flexible Mounter KE-3020V/3020VR, and Electric Double Tape Feeder EF08HD on January 5, 2012, upgrading our high-speed, high quality Product lines.
JUKI first developed KE Series machines in 1993 as a pioneer of modular placement machines, combining chip shooters and flexible mounters that enable production lines to be flexibly rearranged to match exact production volume. This modular concept has been warmly accepted by many customers since then.
High-speed Chip Shooter KE-3010 is the superior model to KE-2070, and is the first KE Series chip shooter model to support electric feeders.
The High-speed Flexible Mounter KE-3020V/3020VR is a flexible placer that inherits the KE Series functions while dramatically improving its placement speed as the successor to KE-3020/3020R. KE-3020V/3020VR places a wide range of component types. By utilizing “High speed,on-the-fly vision centering”, this machine increases the IC component placement speed by 63% compared to the previous models. In addition, the new high-speed tray server reduces tray changeover time, improving productivity of the line as the speed of component supply has been increased.
Both these placement machines accept electric and mechanical tape feeders. In addition to using electric single lane feeders, it will be possible to use the newly developed electric double tape feeders. The feeder capacity has been up to a maximum 160 types of components, double the number of the previous model. The larger number of tape feeders increases productivity due to the significant reduction in changeover.
By combining KE-3010 with KE-3020V/3020VR, it will be possible to configure a high-speed and high precision production line that would flexibly support small lot and high mix production. Another combination of high-speed modular mounter FX-3R with KE-3020V/3020VR configures a high-speed and high quality production line for large volume production of mobile phones and smart phones, flexibly responding to the diversified demands of customers.
JUKI will continue to expand and focus on the sales of these mid range placement machines, allowing various configurations of high-speed and high quality production lines.
Model name High-speed Chip Shooter KE-3010
High-speed Flexible Mounter KE-3020V/3020VR
Electric Double Tape Feeder EF08HD
Release date January 5, 2012

High speed,on-the-fly vision centering

    The image recognition performance of camera has been improved. Components picked by the nozzles will be viewed non-stop over the vision recognition camera and our new technology performs image recognition at the same time. Compared with the previous model (KE-3020R), it is a 63% increase in placement speed, 9,470CPH (when using MNVC).
High-speed tray servers (Optional)
    TR-7D high speed tray server* greatly reduces tray replacement time. Any tray component supply speed has been dramatically improved.
    *TR-7D high speed tray server will also be released in the near future.

Electric double tape feeders
    While maintaining the same 17mm width as the previous electronic single lane feeder for 8mm tape, a newly released electric double tape feeder provides the capacity of two 8mm tapes. By mounting electric double tape feeders, it will be possible to set a maximum of 160 component types.
Flexible production line configuration
    By combining KE-3020V/3020VR with high-speed modular mounter FX-3R, it will be possible to configure a high-speed and high quality production line with a high versatility. Electric double tape feeders allow the capacity of a maximum of 400 types of components.
    By combining KE-3010 with KE-3020V/3020VR, it will be possible to configure a modular type line that supports low volume with high mix production at high speed and high precision while saving space. Using the electric double tape feeders, setting of a maximum of 320 types of components can be possible.
Improves space productivity
    Compared with KE-3020/3020R, the exterior dimensions have been made smaller by 175mm in width and 30mm in height, and the weight has been made lighter by 200kg to improve the space productivity.
Board size M size (330×250 mm)
L size (410×360mm)
L-Wide size (510×360 mm) *1
XL size (610×560 mm)
Applicability to long PWB
(L size)*2
Applicability to long PWB
(L-Wide size)*2
Applicability to long PWB
(XL size)*2
Component height 6mm -
20mm -
25mm(XL size) -
Component size Laser recognition 0402(01005)~□33.5mm
Vision recognition Standard camera MNVC 3mm*3~□33.5mm 3mm~□74mm or 50×150mm
High-resolution camera MNVC 1.0×0.5mm*4~□20mm 1.0×0.5mm*4~□48mm or 24×72mm
Placement speed Chip Optimum 23,500CPH 20,900CPH
IPC9850 18,500CPH 17,100CPH
IC*5 MNVC 9,000CPH *6 MNVC 9,470CPH*6
Placement accuracy Laser recognition ±0.05 mm (±3σ)
Vision recognition ±0.04 mm ±0.03mm(MNVC ±0.04mm)
Feeder inputs Max.160 in case of 8mm tape
(on a Electric double tape feeder)*7

*1 L-Wide size is optional
*2 Applicability to long PWB is optional.
*3 When using MNVC. (option)
*4 KE-3010 : When using both high-resolution camera and MNVC. (option)
KE-3020V : When using high-resolution camera. (option)
*5 Effective tact : The IC placement speed indicates an estimated value obtained when the machine places 36 QFP (100 pins or more) or BGA components (256 balls or more) on a M size board. (CPH=number of components placed for one hour)
*6 Estimated value when using MNVC and picking up components simultaneous with all nozzles.
MNVC is option in the KE-3010.MNVC is standard in the KE-3020V,KE-3020VR.
*7 When using Electric double tape feeder EF08HD.
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