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March, 28, 2013

Special function and performance for LED board production
Released LED Mounter JX-300LED

JUKI released LED Mounter JX-300LED, a specialized model with efficient function and performance for LED board production. Today the demand of LED, which is used for lighting equipments or LCD display for television and computers, is sharply expanding due to its energy saving and long-life feature. JUKI already have Flexible Compact Mounter JX-100LED for LED productions, but this new JX-300LED has expanded its PWB size capacity and improved the placement speed.

JX-300LED is now capable for max 1200 mm PWB, high demand size for LED lighting equipments and middle/large size LCD backlight, as standard feature. It will be able to produce PWB of max 1500mm, largest class in the business, by option. Additionally, high accurate placement of light diffuser lens, a producing technology recently expanding for LCD backlight production, is possible by using our original laser sensor to recognize the boss*and identify the correct direction of the lens. The placement speed improved, as result of function improvements including the conveyance method.

JUKI will extend the sales for LED machines, JX-300LED and JX-100LED, to meet the growing demand of LED by expanding the capable board size and improving the placement speed.

*boss: protuberance on the bottom of the light diffuser lens which is necessary for Features

Model name LED Mounter JX-300LED
Available from April 1, 2013
Improved placement speed
The conveyor transportation time is cut by changing the PWB stopper method from sensor control to mechanical stopper, and by modifying the PWB holding method to face-side clamp.
Mid-size chip LED components can be placed in 18,200 CPH. (with 12mm Tape Feeder, 6 nozzle alternate placement by 3 nozzle simultaneous pick x 2 times)
LED Placement
Essential capabilities provide high productivity at low cost.
Capable of PWB size 610mm x 360mm by one time clamp, 1200mm x 360mm by two times clamp, and 1500mm x 360mm by three times clamp.
When producing long board with several clamps, the machine is able to recognize the solders printed on the electrodes as BOC mark. (option)
Efficient component supply of tray components (Ex. light diffuser lens) will be possible by using Tray Holder or Matrix Tray Server. (option)
Realized space saving machine size, 1920mm x 1393mm, which is smallest class for mounter capable of 1200mm x 360mm PWB production.
Safe Operability
Equipped with GUI (Graphical User Interface), which enables easy operation even for beginners. Operation by touch panel, without keyboard, is also possible. (option)
Vertical startup is possible, since the time for preparing data is greatly shortened due to laser recognition method of components.
High Cost-Effectiveness
Power saving feature; apparent power 3.0 kVA,

Nozzles, Tape Feeders, and production data are compatible with the other models, so the existing properties can be utilized.
Since 1993, JUKI has been committed to providing better products and service to customers with the vision of 3E (EASY, ECONOMY, EXPANSION). Since 2010, JUKI expands 3E vision to More EASY, More ECONOMY and More EXPANSION.
Board size standard specification 50×50 ~ 1,200×360mm
Longer sized PWB*1 50×50 ~ 1,500×360mm
Component height 6mm/12mm
Component size 0603(0201) ~ □33.5mm
Placement speed (chip) Optimum 27,100CPH
IPC9850 19,300CPH
Placement accuracy


Feeder inputs Max. 40 in case of 8mm tape
*1 : Long board support is optional.
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