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April 26, 2011

Newly released Flexible compact mounter JX-200 for placement of a wide range of components

JUKI is pleased to announce a new product, Flexible compact mounter JX-200 for placement of a wider range of components, starting to be delivered on May 9, 2011. JX-200 is an entry level placement machine for a customer, considering replacement of manual placement process with automated system.

Our new 「JX-200」 is based on the existing JX-100 frame and features vision recognition as a standard, in addition to JUKI original laser recognition. JX-200 places various components from chip components to small fine pitch ICs or odd shaped components of up to 33.5 square mm.

Its PWB size is 410mm×250mm as standard. It features maximum 800 mm X 250 mm for LED production.

JX-200 features touch panel for the operators, unaccustomed with programming of surface mount equipment.

Even with its smallest size in the industry, JX-200 performs placement operations from small chip components to odd shaped components and LED components with its long board size. JUKI will expand its sales of this versatile JX-200 in China and the other emerging economies.

Model name Compact Flex Mounter JX-200
Available from May 9, 2011
Highly versatile
With its JUKI original laser recognition, JX-200 is equipped with vision recognition functions with VCS camera, expanding its capacity of placement from chip components to small fine pitch ICs and various odd shaped components in high accuracy.
Speed : (chip) 18,050CPH(0.199secnd/component:under optimum conditions, 13,900CPH under IPC 9850 standard) IC component is possibly placed at maximum 4,400CPH.
Easy programming
With its GUI(Graphical user interface), programming screen is visual and easy to operate touch panel type. Even an unaccustomed operator can easily program and operate the equipment.
Our easy programming operation and data programming reduces learning period for an operator. Easy start up of the operation is possible.
Superior efficiency in production cost
・  Outer dimension Width1,455㎜×Depth1,295㎜×Height1,460㎜、Weight Approximately 1,000㎏. This compact size educes space of production
With its power consumption of 1.6 kVA, our design focuses on saving electricity.
Nozzles and tape feeders of the other JUKI models are compatible. Production data of JX-200 can be used in the upper level JUKI models., providing JUKI users with a privilege of using their existing assets.
LED placement (Option)
Even with its small size, JX--200 performs a production of long board of maximum 800㎜×250㎜. It features various functions specifically for LED production such as prevention of variance in LED colors and LED intensity.
Since 1993, JUKI has been committed to providing better products and service to customers with the vision of 3E (EASY, ECONOMY, EXPANSION). Since 2010, JUKI expands 3E vision to More EASY, More ECONOMY and More EXPANSION.
Board size Min.50 × 50 ~ Max.800*1 × 250mm
Component height 12mm
Component size Laser recognition 0603*2 ~ □33.5mm
Vision recognition Standard camera □3mm ~ □33.5mm
High-resolution camera (option) 1.0 × 0.5mm ~ □24.0mm
Placement speed Chip Optimum 0.199Sec./chip (18,050 CPH)
IPC9850 13,900CPH
IC 4,400CPH
Placement accuracy Laser recognition ±0.05mm (±3σ)
Vision recognition ±0.04mm
Feeder inputs Max.60 on 8mmT/F
*1 : When using Longer sized PWB(800mm) option. (standard specification is Max.410mm)
*2 : HMS is required when a 0603 component is placed. (option)
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