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April, 19, 2010

JUKI announces JX-100 LED which is low cost and compact and supports very long LED boards of 800mm size

JUKI announces JX-100 LED which adds LED placement based on JX-100 low-cost and compact entry-level placement machine.
Today, LED is recognized worldwide as an energy-saving light source. The newly announced JX-100 LED is the placement equipment which adds the capability of placing long size of boards.

Recently, background lights of large LCD TVs and LED fluorescence lamps tended to use lengthy boards. JX-100 LED is appraised by the industry for it’s compact body and the fact that it can support maximum board size of 800×360mm.

In addition, in order to meet a range of usage needs, JUKI not only develops LED components of various shapes for surface mounting, but also adds the algorithm system for LED into JUKI’s exclusive laser recognition technology, thus improving the ability to recognize LED components and providing equipment stability. Furthermore, Standard-based Remaining Component Management Function is set up to avoid placement of LEDs with different intensity of illumination from target circuits.
As LEDs are widely used in background lights of notebooks and large LCD TVs, LEDs are gradually being introduced in vehicle and outdoors& indoors lighting apparatus. As LEDs are become more prevalent in national projects in China, it is anticipated that the use of LED placement will be expanded to small- and medium-scale of manufacturing factories.

With new vision of “3E EVOLUTION”, JUKI further improves JX-100, develops JX-100 LED supporting long size of LED boards and is committed to expanding global sales.
Model name Compact LED Assembry System JX-100 LED
Available from April 1, 2010
New capabilities meeting LED placement needs
Support very long LED boards up to 800mm.
Newly developed component recognition algorithm system for LED supports all LED placements.
Standard-based Remaining Component Management Function avoids placement of LEDs with different intensity of illumination from target circuits.
Excellent price performance
Essential capabilities provide high productivity at low cost.
19,300CPH component placement speed (optimized) even with compact machine size and lightweight, providing excellent space efficiency.
Nozzles and tape feeders and production data are compatible with upper models providing for efficiency and minimizing investment.
Superior versatility
One machine can place components from 0603 (0.6×0.3mm size of chip products) to larger components of 33.5mm.
The boards can be transported either by pass though or U turn mode. Both modes are available.    This flexibility will enable to support small cell production with various machine layouts.
High quality
Because laser sensor monitors pick status of components until placement, this prevents defects such as dropping components, returning components without placement and tomb stone placement.

Main Frame is made by single unit casting and provides good vibratility and durability, thus providing high placement quality and meeting long-term usage needs.

Safe and ease of operation
Easy programming method reduces time of learning operations and help start smooth production.  With graphical touch panel for manipulations and programming, even a new operator can operate the machine easily.
Since 1993, JUKI has been committed to providing better products and service to customers with the vision of 3E (EASY, ECONOMY, EXPANSION). Since 2010, JUKI expands 3E vision to More EASY, More ECONOMY and More EXPANSION.
Board size Min.50×50~
Component height 12.0mm*2
Component size Min. 0603mm(0201 Inch) ~ Max. □33.5mm
Component centering device Laser centering (LNC60)
Placement speed (chip) Optimum 19,300CPH
IPC9850 15,300CPH
Placement accuracy ±0.05 mm (±3σ)
Feeder inputs Max. 30 8mm tape feeders, 60 with optional rear bank.
*1 : When sent through twice. When sent through once, the maximum length is 410 mm x 360 mm
*2 : Becomes 9.0 mm when the board’s x directional length exceeds 630 mm.
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