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January 12, 2010

Release of Simple and Compact Low-priced,Entry-level Machine “Entry Mounter JX-100”

 JUKI Corporation has released the “Entry Mounter JX-100”, a simple and compact low-priced entry-level mounting machine that incorporates both a high productive capacity and high-quality functions in a single unit.
 In recent years, the expansion of new markets has become apparent in the newly emerging economic markets represented by the BRIC countries due to factors including businesses newly entering the electronic equipment manufacturing field, companies planning to change to automation from manual placement and manual insertion mounting (carrying out circuit board mounting manually), and companies planning to change from outsourcing to in-house manufacturing. Although businesses carrying out manual placement are planning to introduce low-cost,secondhand mounters with an aim of solving issues of quality variations, occurrence of waste, and low productivity, there are many problems such as lack of experience that makes it difficult for them to become used to the complicated operation, or that maintenance or warranties are not provided by the manufacturer.
 JUKI’s newly released JX-100 is a high-performance, low-priced mounter that has been developed for these types of customers. Regarding the development, investigations into actual customer conditions were implemented, and by narrowing down the functions to the minimum essential items it was possible to realize both a compact size and low cost while also achieving a high level of productivity with an optimum tact of 0.187 second/chip (19,300 CPH). In addition, consideration has been given to allow operators with little experience in mounter operation to use the equipment with confidence by incorporating easy usability, so that smooth production startup will be possible. Circuit board transfer allows switching between straight/U-turn to support free layout design, based on simple manufacturing methods such as cell production. In addition, because the nozzles and feeders are compatible with those in JUKI’s more advanced machines, transfer of assets is possible without waste in the situation where future expanded manufacturing is planned.
 The JX-100, which dramatically improves productivity and reliability with the minimum of investment, is the optimum single unit as an initial investment mounter for realizing automation of manual placement and manual insertion mounting.
 In addition to the speed and cost benefits, because the mounter incorporates highly evaluated high-quality functions from more advanced machines, it can be used in a wide range of applications as trial manufacturing equipment and as supplementary equipment for existing mounting lines.
 By making best use of JUKI’s infrastructure and know-how in the industrial sewing machine business, in which the company maintains the world’s top share, JUKI has supplied more than 20,000 mounter units worldwide over a more than 20 year period. In the future, JUKI will continue to supply products and services that support a wide range of needs relating to mounters to realize customer satisfaction in an aim to also become the world’s top brand in the field of mounting machines.
Model name Flexible compact mounter JX-100
Available from August 1, 2009
Outstanding Cost Performance
By narrowing down the functions to the minimum essential items, low cost and high productivity have been realized.
Through the adoption of the same recognition equipment that is used in JUKI’s advanced mounters, it is possible to realize high-speed placement of 19,300CPH (under optimum conditions).
Outstanding space efficiency is realized due to the compact and lightweight design.
Nozzle and tape feeder compatibility is provided with more advanced machine types, so that these assets can be effectively made use of in the future.
Wide Multiplicity of Uses
Components from 0603 components (chip components of 0.6 x 0.3mm size), which are difficult to place using manual placement and secondhand mounters, up to 33.5mm square large-sized components, can be placed using a single machine.
The circuit board transfer can be switched between straight/U-turn to allow support for simple production methods such as cell production, and enable free layout implementation.
High Product Quality
Because the laser sensor will carry out monitoring of the component pickup condition until immediately before placement, it will be possible to prevent component dropping, component return, and tombstones.
The base frame employs a unified cast-metal design. This has outstanding vibration characteristics and durability, supporting high placement quality and also meeting the requirements for long-term use.
Operability with Confidence
Due to the highly reputed simple data production, the learning time required can also be shortened to allow smooth machine introduction.

Through the employment of fully graphical operation screens and the touch panel monitor that are not reliant on language-based text, even operators with little experience in machine operation can easily carry out operations with confidence.

Board size Min. 50 × 50 ~ Max. 330 × 250 mm
Component size Min. 0603mm(0201 Inch) ~ Max. □33.5mm
Component centering device Laser centering (LNC60)
Placement speed (chip) Chip Optimum 0.187Sec./chip(19,300CPH)
IPC9850 15,300CPH
Placement accuracy ±0.05 mm (±3σ)
Feeder inputs Max. 30 8mm tape feeders, 60 with optional rear bank.
* Operating System: Windows XP.
* 2 USB ports are standard.
* Height Measurement System (Option) is needed for placing 0603mm (0201 Inch) component.
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