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June 1, 2008

JUKI to Release “IS (Intelligent Shopfloor Solutions)” System Software
for Electronic Component Mounting after Major Renewal .

 JUKI Corporation, a company listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange and headed by President Kazuyuki Nakamura, is to begin worldwide sales this month of “IS (Intelligent Shopfloor Solutions)”, a new type of system software for controlling groups of mounters.
 The “IS (Intelligent Shopfloor Solutions)” software that is to be newly sold this time is a system product that functions as software to “allow handling of a number of linked mounters as though they are a single unit” through making practical use of the “Host Line Computer (HLC)” which has supported the modular concept, together with bar codes. In addition to reorganizing and greatly improving the “Setup Control System (SCS)” software that realizes component mounting error prevention and traceability, the range covered has been broadened from production lines to the entire shop floor to support the “change to overall plant efficiency” and “further improvement in quality”.
 “IS” consists of five types of software divided according to function, together with groups of options for further improving the added value.
 The software programs divided according to function incorporate functions that support each of the roles of operators, program creators, plant managers, and facility managers to aid the realization of “Floor Visualization”, “Floor Overall Production Plan Establishment”, “Floor Overall Production Effect Improvement”, “Program Efficiency Improvement”, and “Product Quality Improvement”.
 Further, a characteristic of this “IS” system is the utilization of RFID (IC tags) for securing complete component mounting error prevention. In addition to offering a lineup of models with ATF, CTF, FTF and other feed cassettes incorporating RFID tags, RFID kits are being prepared which make it possible for customers to add RFID tags to the feeder cassettes that they already own. Further, models supporting tray component supply equipment and models for the TR Series are also available.
 The utilization of RFID (IC tags) enables understanding not only of the feeder cassette mounting status in the mounter main unit, but also allows “visualization” of the component condition throughout the whole shop floor, including for feeder cassettes and components mounted in bulk replacement trolleys and feeder stockers that incorporate RFID reading antennas.
 In addition, this new type IS system software incorporates new functions including “Feeder Management Functions (Location Searching, Component Expiry Advance Warning, and Feeder Maintenance Management)”, “Floor Overall Production Planning”, “Production Status Monitoring”, and “On-Demand Production” as a system product that not only improves the mounting line productivity, but also supports requirements for improving the productivity of the entire shop floor.
 The “IS” Intelligent Shopfloor Solutions system will be shown in the JUKI booth (East Hall 1 No.1A-01) at the JISSO PROTEC 2009 Exhibition that will be held in the Tokyo Big Sight (Tokyo International Exhibition Center) between June 3 and 5 this year.
IS Inteligent Shopfloor Solutions
Model name Floor productivity improvement support system IS
Intelli PE(Program Editor)
Intelli PD(Program Downloader)
Intelli PM(Production Manager)
Intelli SCS(Setup Control System)
Intelli EM(Equipment Manager)
On-demand production(options Intelli PD)
Available from May 8, 2009
IS basic software(※1 ※2)/Basic software required to install IS.
Product name Major functions
IS basic software User definition / Facility definition / Component DB / Production program history management / Creating production programs / Line optimization
Intelli PE is included in this software.
Additional systems(※2 ※3) / Software for expanded capabilities.
Product name Major functions
Intelli PE system Creating production programs / Line optimization
Intelli PD system Download/upload production programs to production lines
Intelli PM system※4 Production scheduling for the entire floor / Monitoring of production status / Performance calculation
Intelli SCS(※1 ※2) / Software required for installing Intelli SCS and Intelli EM.
Product name Major functions
Software for Intelli SCS server Parts verification / Component inventory control
Intelli SCS is included in this software.
Additional systems related to Intelli SCS(※2 ※3) / Software for expanded capabilities.
Product name Major functions
Intelli SCS system Parts verification / Component inventory control
Intelli EM system※5 Management of feeder maintenance history
※1 To manage more than one floor or more than 200 mounters, you must buy a license for each server.
※2 Options are not included.
※3 When adding client PCs or when you use each function on more than one PC simultaneously, you must buy one license for each PC.
※4 Some functions require Intelli PD system.
※5 Software for Intelli SCS server is required.
Major options
Product name Corresponding software Remarks
Flexline CAD Intelli PE CAD conversion software
On-demand production※1 Intelli PD Function to automatically change production programs according to barcodes on boards
Production banner Intelli PM Function to show production status on large display
Component banner※1 Intelli SCS Display of low/empty component warnings in real time
Off-line setup function※1 Components verification in off-line setup
Traceability※1 Collection / search / display of traceability information
Intelli feeder Feeder with RFID recognition function
Intelli trolley Feeder trolley with RFID recognition function
Intelli stocker Feeder storage stocker with RFID recognition function
Intelli feeder calibration jig with monitor※1 Intelli EM Feeder calibration jig with RFID recognition function
※1 For compatible models, please contact one of our sales representatives.
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