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May 23, 2008

JUKI releases FX-3 High Speed Modular Mounter for Hight Volume Circuit Board Assembly.

 Starting in May 2008, JUKI Corporation (President Kazuyuki Nakamura; listed on First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange) is beginning worldwide sales of its High-speed Modular Mounter FX-3. The FX3 is an industrial robot for mounting electronic components that is ideal for use in high volume printed circuit board assembly lines such as mobile phones, PCs, and digital cameras.
 Since entering the circuit board assembly machine market in 1987, JUKI has focused on the medium-speed mounter segment. The growth in consumer products over the past decade has meant more requirements for high volume production lines. The high speed FX3 firmly establishes JUKI’s presence in this growing segment.
 The new FX-3 continues JUKI’s unique and highly regarded 3E modular concept of “Economy”, “Easy”, and “Expansion”, that machines are designed to be modular, efficient and easy to operate and maintain. The FX3 is based on a highly rigid frame and utilizes a new generation of linear motors on all the XY axes.
 The FX3 is designed in a 4-head, 4-beam, 2-station configuration using proven technology of the laser align sensor (LNC60) for component centering.This allows the 6-nozzles in each head to simultaneous center components at an optimum throughput of 0.049 seconds/chip (74,000CPH) or 60,000CPH based on IPC9850. Many hardware and software components are compatible between the FX3 and previous generations of SMT machines giving the users both flexibility and continuing use of existing assets.
 JUKI first introduced its medium-sized KE Series flexible mounters with outstanding expandability and versatility in 1993. In 2003, JUKI began selling its first high-speed modular mounter, the FX-1R, which supported high product change over, small-lot manufacturing and the increasing use of smaller components. Since that time, the trend toward smaller components has continued while the requirement for higher assembly speed and reduced production costs has increased even faster.
 The FX-3 is a high-speed modular mounter that supports all of these needs. Note that the FX-3 will be exhibited in the East Hall 1 1F-01 during the JISSO PROTEC 2008 Exhibition at the Tokyo Big Sight (Tokyo International Exhibition Center) on June 11-13

High-speed Modular Mounter FX-3

Model name High-speed Modular Mounter FX-3
Available from May 2, 2008
  Improvements in Productivity
  The FX-3 incorporates 2 stations, 4 beams, 4 heads, and 24 nozzles. Each head at each station is mounted on an independent beam so one head can pick components while the other is placing.The XY drive system uses linear servo motorswhich combine outstanding flexibility with high accuracy to achieve an optimum throughput of 0.049 seconds/chip (74,000CPH) and 60,000CPH per IPC9850 standards.
  Outstanding Area Productivity
  With a depth of 1,650mm, the FX-3 offers the best footprint of any high-speed modular mounter, allowing installation of more lines in factories with limited floor space.

Compared with the previous machine (FX-1), the FX3 has approximately 1.8 times greater space efficiency.
  Mounting Quality that Supports High Density Mounting

High placement accuracy and repeatability is possible thanks to the stationary position of the circuit board during production.

For the component centering, laser recognition is utilized, offering higher resolution than in image recognition. A laser sensor is incorporated into each head and because the centering is performed while moving between the pickup and placement, it is possible to achieve high-speed, high-accuracy component placement. Tombstone check and component release check can also be performed on-the-fly.

  Model Interchangeability
  Tape feeder capacity has been increased to 120, allowing a wider range of circuit boards to be produced.
  Component Specifications
  Placement of components from 0402 chips to 33.5mm square is possible on the FX3.
  Compatibility is maintained with previous equipment such as tape feeders, nozzles, and line control software, reducing the cost of adding an FX3 to any factory that already has other JUKI machines.

Using the large-sized LCD display with touch panel operators can easily operate and maintain the FX3.

It is possible to switch between Japanese, Chinese and English language displays using single—button operation.

Model name
High-speed Modular Mounter
High-speed Modular Mounter
FX-1R(Conventional model kind)
Placement speed (chip) Optimum
33,000CPH*2 (optimum condition)
25,000CPH (IPC9850)
Component size
0402(01005) ~□33.5mm (or diagonal length up to 47mm)
0603 (0201)~□20mm or 26.5×11mm*1
Placement accuracy
±0.05mm (Cpk≧1)
Feeder inputs
Max. 120 on 8mm T/F
Max. 80 on 8mm T/F
Board size
410×360 mm(max)
50×50 mm(min)
(L-Wide size : 510x360mm is optional)
410×360 mm(max)
50×30 mm(min)
Mass (approximately)
3,280 kg
2,000 kg
Machine Dimensions Width
2,650 mm
1,880 mm
1,650 mm
1,731 mm
1,530 mm
1,490 mm
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