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March 20, 2007

“FTF Series : 32~56mm Tape Feeders with deeper pocket ” is put on the market.

JUKI is pleased to introduce the following new product.

FTF Series : 32~56mm Tape Feeders with deeper pocket

Model name FTF Series : 32~56mm Tape Feeders with deeper pocket
Available from March 20, 2007
  Deeper pocket and larger R curved part where carrier tape is discharged accept to handle the tall aluminum electric condenser and large BGA.
  Wider range of the feeding pitch handles the diversified packages of components.
  Sprocket with the bigger diameter allows the smooth and stable feeding of tapes.
  The change to the method by toggle-clamp when setting the tape feeder on the bank unit makes it easier to set the tape feeder easier and reproduce the pick position for the improvement.
  Another types of “FF32FR-OP, FF44FR-OP and FF56FR-OP are made available specially for large components.
  After the release of these new tape feeders, the old tape feeders for 32~56mm are discontinued accordingly.
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