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Sep 18, 2009

FX-3 High-speed Modular Mounter to have Model Change
- Enables Industry’s First Simultaneous Use of Electric Tape Feeders and Mechanical Tape Feeders

 JUKI Corporation implemented a model change in its FX-3 High-speed Modular Mounter to incorporate the industry’s first simultaneous electric tape feeder and mechanical tape feeder, and is newly starting sales. The FX-3 is a high-end chip mounter model that has been selling very favorably since its release in May last year.
 At the same time, JUKI is also releasing its first-ever Electric Tape Feeder EF8S (for 8mm tapes) that enables a smoother and more stable component supply.
 Using the opportunity provided by the release of the new electric tape feeder, JUKI plans to further increase the market share of the FX-3 in the field of high-speed mounters, which make up more than 60% (on a monetary basis) of the market scope.
 While the FX-3 that is currently being sold exclusively uses mechanical tape feeders, the FX-3 that is to be newly released inherits the 3E modular concept of “Economical,Easy to use,Expandable” which JUKI has been consistently promoting while introducing the industry’s first specification allowing the simultaneous use of electric tape feeders and mechanical tape feeders in batch exchange trolley units (units that carry out the batch exchange of feeders). The mounter allows the changing of electric batch exchange trolleys and mechanical batch exchange trolleys using the same bank. It is also possible for customers to utilize the mechanical tape feeders and mechanical tape feeder batch exchange trolleys that they already own. The simultaneous use of electric and mechanical systems allows the customer to respond to a wide variety of needs, such as by using electric tape feeders for extremely small components that require higher supply precision while selecting mechanical tape feeders for other components. At the same time, the new mounter realizes a higher cost performance than the dedicated mounters incorporating electric tape feeders which currently make up the mainstream.
 The Electric Tape Feeder EF8S's motor drive suppresses vibration to stabilize the component posture and realize a smoother supply. This enables the soft and high speed supply of extremely small components such as the 0603 components (0.6 x 0.3 mm size chip components) frequently used in mobile phone manufacturing, allowing stabilized high quality production to be carried out. Additionally, it has been sought to simplify the operation by providing a pick-up position automatic compensation function, feeding pitch button switching, and display of the operation status using an LED indicator.
 By additionally attaching RFID tags to the feeder, linkage will be possible with the new JUKI “IS” Intelligent Shopfloor Solutions system software which was released in May this year, allowing automatic management of a variety of data to greatly improve program work efficiency while enabling high value-added quality management including component mounting error prevention, traceability, and maintenance warnings.
 The new FX-3 allowing simultaneous use of electric tape feeders and mechanical tape feeders has been developed as a high-speed modular machine that is capable of supporting customers’ growing needs for mass production, component miniaturization, production quality improvement, and the pursuit of lower costs. In the future, JUKI will continue to support customers from a variety of angles including productivity, quality, cost, and management by supplying products that will realize customer satisfaction.
 Electric tape feeders supporting the various tape widths are to be released in succession going forward.
Model name “High-speed Modular Mounter FX-3 Features (Simultaneous electric and mechanical tape feeder specification)”
“Electric Tape Feeder EF8S”
Available from Oct 1, 2009
FX-3 Features (Simultaneous electric and mechanical tape feeder specification)
Electric and mechanical tape feeders can be simultaneously used in batch exchange trolley units. It will be possible to carry out additional purchases of feeders in stages to match the number of components that are to be supplied using the electric tape feeders. Because previous types of batch exchange trolleys and mechanical tape feeders can also be used, existing assets can be effectively utilized without waste, realizing outstanding cost performance.
EF8S Features
A motor is introduced in the tape feeder drive, enabling high quality component feeding in which vibration has been suppressed.
According to the mounter commands, the component pick-up position is automatically compensated from the centering result. By maintaining a high pick-up rate, 6-nozzle simultaneous pick-up of 0603 components can be stably carried out.
The working capabilities at the production site have been improved through easy-to-use operations including feeding pitch switching by button operation and the display of the operation status (items such as the pitch feeder mounting position, error mounting warning, and use/non-use) on a 7-segment LED indicator.
Tape splicing is supported for the purpose of carrying out endless feeding, in which the end of the tape that is currently being used in the production is joined to the beginning of a new tape. In addition, a safe sliding method is introduced for attaching and detaching the batch exchange trolleys, which allows replacement of tape feeders even while the mounter is operating to avoid losses in productivity.
Support is provided for JUKI’s latest “IS” shop floor production improvement support system. By attaching RFID tags, it is possible to expand the functions to become an “Intelligent Feeder”. The RFID tags can also be fitted after purchasing the feeder.
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